Red Roaster Food Truck – Ottawa, ON, Canada

“Now there is no more guessing. We get the same consistent results every time, even during rush hour.” - Glen Galbraith, Owner

Greats eats on the streets.

With a catch phrase like “Let's get roasting!” it's not too surprising that the Red Roaster food truck is known for being a roasting machine on wheels. Owner Glen Galbraith shares that the truck has become a huge hit across Ottawa since they first hit the streets in 2014. One customer raved “all the hype was worth it.” The truck keeps very busy catering to a variety of different private parties, events and street corners all around Canada's Capital.

Glen shared that one of the reasons he chose to open a food truck was because he liked the flexibility to change it up – whether it is the location or the menu. The Red Roaster has set up shop all around Ottawa with new menu items featured almost every day.

The RATIONAL Solution.

It is no secret that space is limited in a food truck. Red Roaster’s kitchen is a fraction of the size of a traditional commercial kitchen, and yet still has to produce a high volume of food for customers in a very short amount of time. Glen shares that this is why choosing the SelfCookingCenter® for his food truck was “an absolute

no-brainer.” His kitchen is able to keep up with rush hour without a problem and the SelfCookingCenter® takes up far less space than traditional equipment.

With all the hype around their menu, consistency is key. The Red Roaster’s SelfCookingCenter® has helped them to maintain their same results with ease. Glen shares that “there is no more guessing. We get the same consistent results every time, even during rush hour.”

  • iCookingControl®:
    You specify the result and the SelfCookingCenter® does what you say. Consistently and to the point – no monitoring required.
  • HiDensityControl®:
    The SelfCookingCenter distributes the heat, air, and humidity in the cooking cabinet uniformly and specifically for the quality and quantity of your products.
  • Efficient CareControl:
    When you're done the unit will clean and descale itself, saving you time and labour.


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