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Whether you prepare thirty or several thousand meals per day, we offer the CombiMaster® Plus in the right unit size for any requirement, now also in the small size as the CombiMaster® Plus XS. There is space for it in every kitchen, and its clever installation solutions also make it suitable for front-cooking areas and as a station unit. The CombiMaster® Plus XS and the CombiMaster® are available in the electric model. All other appliances are available in gas and electric versions with identical dimensions, features and performance.

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CombiMaster® Plus


Rational ConnectedCooking.

With the latest network solution for professional kitchens safety is always assured: With automatic HACCP documentation, relevant data from all connected units is logged, clearly presented and saved - fully automatically. Of course, you can easily export all data in table format or PDF format, and this data can be saved separately or printed.

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Left-hinged door.

The appliance can be ordered with the door hinges on the left rather than the right in order to make the appliance easier to access in certain kitchen situations.


Simply placing two RATIONAL appliances on top of one another opens up a whole new range of possibilities, especially in kitchens where space is at a premium.

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