6 Trends from the food service & hospitality trendsetter Internorga you shouldn't miss!

Breaking new ground - it was under this motto that around 1,300 exhibitors from 25 countries presented their ideas for the foodservice industry at the Internorga trade fair in Hamburg in early March. Any particular trend? With no clear trends, anything goes as long as it tastes good. Here are our personal highlights:

1. The Craft Spirit Lounge

As the name suggests, this was all about spirits. More precisely, about home-made spirits which were presented and tasted in a rustic atmosphere. The ever popular gin and whiskey were there along with vodka, rum and fruit brandy. Our little nose says: small specialist distilleries are the future. Whether the boys with the non-alcoholic gin have a future remains to be seen.

2. Food from the 3D printer

It was just a matter of time until a 3D printer in the kitchen would no longer just be for nerds, and become a reality. The time has come: what at first looks like grandma's icing nozzle for those buttercream roses is really the printer, which produces the finest quality time and time again. We think: give it a try!

3. To lead a healthy life

Childcare facilities, schools, company restaurants, retirement homes - they all came to the Internorga trade fair seeking healthy food. Sophisticated production chains in commercial kitchens, new findings in nutritional science and delicious recipes were found in great abundance. At RATIONAL we wonder when it will finally work in practice and not just in theory. Because we have been working on the issue for many years and we are also a partner of the DNSV (Deutsches Netzwerk Schulverpflegung e.V. [German school catering network]).

4. Knowledge is power

Pink Cube and Baker’s Blue Box were disseminating knowledge by the minute. From staff acquisition to branch management and finally kitchen 4.0 - the topics were wide-ranging and only briefly covered. Yet they were at least given a new perspective if they were not new findings altogether.

5. The kitchen network

It is almost as if nothing happens in the kitchen any more without a smartphone or tablet. You can watch your food when travelling, take a virtual look inside the dishwasher and send commands to the combi-steamer from the sofa. For RATIONAL appliances, this is now routine, something our branch customers appreciate. Nothing new for us, but still a nice trend.

6. Proper table setting

The skywalk table. 30 metres long and topped with all the big names. After all, anything that is produced with love and care should also be served in the same manner. The trend: symmetry is so yesterday, today plates are all organically shaped, dominated by warm shades. Just delicious.

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