Vegetarian & vegan.
How you use the trend and gain additional customers.

Many people worldwide do not eat meat or even animal products. Demand for meat and milk alternatives is rising as an increasing number of people are avoiding animal products when eating out. In many major cities, the number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants has more than doubled in the last five years. But even classic hospitality industry establishments and industry catering can benefit from the trend in meat-free diets and acquire additional customers.

You can find vegetarian or vegan on many menus as a necessary evil, but these dishes are an opportunity and enhancement, they generate new customers and show that the chef knows the business. If the dishes also taste good, then the kitchen has fulfilled its objective: "Enjoyment without compromise."


How simple this is can be seen on the Internet platform . There, professional chefs will continually find new recipes and applications tips for vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Chefs can also exchange recipes amongst themselves and share their ideas and experiences. Every new recipe is checked, adapted for preparation with RATIONAL appliances and has step-by-step instructions so that chefs can try them out quickly and effortlessly.

Over many years, numerous recipes have been gathered from master chefs worldwide. RATIONAL has put together the favourites in cookbooks, which are also available to customers at ConnectedCooking. A vegetarian cookbook with Indian dishes recently came about, which is already a hot tip amongst chefs.


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