Overnight cooking
With the VarioCookingCenter®

The VarioCookingCenter®
Creates additional production times, thanks to overnight cooking.

The VarioCookingCenter® even works for you at night, without any supervision.

VarioCookingControl®, the in-built cooking intelligence, sensitively regulates the temperature and makes sure you get a perfect cooking result the next morning. This allows you to gain time and capacity.

Overnight boiling.
At the touch of a button.

Cook larger cuts of meat that are typically prepared in liquid in the VarioCookingCenter® with the overnight boiling function.

Whether its fillet of beef, brisket, ham or cured pork, the gentle cooking process guarantees you excellent food quality the next morning.


Ragout with no supervision.
Gentle braising for excellent results.

Never has making a ragout been easier. Whether it's a goulash, veal, lamb or game ragout, you can produce your desired dish overnight with the VarioCookingCenter®.

Sear the meat pieces after the automatic preheating phase. Then you will be asked to add the liquid and then the meat will be braised gently overnight.


Overnight braising.
Without supervision.

Braised beef, a sauerbraten pot roast, turkey legs, ossobucco or beef roulade turn out especially succulent and juicy in the VarioCookingCenter®.

For all meat pieces cooked in sauce, use the overnight braising function. You specify the type of meat, the desired cooking time and the cooking level, and the VarioCookingCenter® does the rest.


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