Restaurant example calculation.
The optimal solution for your kitchen.

Boiling, roasting, deep frying. All in one appliance, up to 4 times faster and 40% less electricity consumption.

  • 30% space saved
  • Up to 2 hours of time saved every day
  • 10 % less raw materials
  • 40% lower power consumption

A restaurant serving 100 meals per day with one VarioCookingCenter® 112T.*

Your profit

Up to 10% less consumption of raw materials in
Daily specials (diced meat, ragout) thanks to the extraordinary VarioBoost® roasting power, and up to 10% less consumption of raw materials in braised dishes cooked overnight.
Amount budgeted per year
  • Cost of goods with conventional ranges using pots and pans as well as griddles $ 24,900

  • Cost of goods with VarioCookingCenter® $ 22,400
Your extra earnings per year = $ 2,500
Your profit
<uf ufcatid="89">Energy
Average saving of 14 kWh per day thanks to the sophisticated efficiency of the VarioBoost® heating system.**
Amount budgeted per year
  • 14 kWh x 2 services x 6 days x 48 weeks x $ 0.20 per kWh
Your extra earnings per year = $ 1,600
Your profit
Working time
Average saving of 60 minutes of working time per day thanks to the power and speed of the VarioBoost® heating system, automatic cooking with the VarioCooking Control® and thanks to overnight cooking.
Amount budgeted per year
  • 288 hrs less x $ 25 (Compound calculation based on an hourly rate for chefs/cleaning staff)
Your extra earnings per year = $ 7,200
Your profit
Average annual saving in water and detergent compared to conventional appliances.
By using the VarioCooking Center®, fewer pots and pans need to be cleaned.
Amount budgeted per year
  • Savings of 90 litres of water per day x $ 2.10/m³ and 10 litres of detergent per year
Your extra earnings per year = $ 100
Your profit Your extra earnings per year
Amount budgeted per year  
Your extra earnings per year = $ 11,400

* Additional earnings compared to using a conventional range, griddle and deep-fat fryer.

** Compared to conventional ranges with pots and pans and griddles or deep-fat fryers.

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