Cooking intelligence that does it all for you.

VarioCookingControl®, the built-in cooking intelligence, helps you in your daily work and simply eliminates the time-consuming routine chores such as constant checking and temperature adjustments. Braised beef, pasta, deep-fried food, soups or desserts - simply select your desired result for each product at the push of a button, such as browning from light to dark and cooking level from rare to well done.

Benefits to you at a glance:
  • Perfect cooking, whether medium or well done
  • Achieves the desired browning
  • Tells you when you need to be active
  • No monitoring required
  • Consistent cooking results, in every single batch

Guaranteed cooking quality.
You specify your desired result.

VarioCookingControl® will call you when your input is needed to turn a steak or add liquid to the stew, for example, or when your traditionally prepared Béchamel sauce is ready. The cooking sequence is always matched to the food, whether large or small, lots of dishes or just a few. And the result is always perfect.

“I would recommend the Vario to any kitchen - I could no longer work without it! I am impressed by the uniform heat distribution over the entire pan base. I love how it works.”

Fabio Barbiera

Fabio Barbiera

Head chef

The Grounds of Alexandria / Sydney, Australia

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