Heide Volm & Pschorr Bräurosl Oktoberfest tent. Munich, Germany.

“Thanks to RATIONAL, serving large banquets for up to 500 people while also providing a la carte service is no problem for us.” Oftentimes Heide-Nigg is able to handle banquet operations with just one cook.

The heart of his kitchen.

The Junior Chef and Chef de Cuisine has been working with RATIONAL units since his apprenticeship and refers to them as the "heart of his kitchen."
Pascal Heide-Nigg has always relied on RATIONAL, and continues to do so when preparing 10,000 meals in the Pschorr Bräurosl Oktoberfest tent. "We have to prepare incredibly large quantities in a very short space of time.

RATIONAL appliances have never let us down in that regard.” Despite the massive quantities involved, the SelfCookingCenter® ensures consistently high quality, so that even the customers at the far end of the 6,500-person tent will be delighted.

The benefits:

  • HiDensityControl®: Consistently high quality
  • Efficiency: Overnight cooking makes time for the essentials on the day of the event
  • User-friendly: Defined cooking processes make it possible for even temporary or untrained staff to operate the units
  • Efficient CareControl: Automatic self-cleaning that saves time and energy
  • RATIONAL Service: Comprehensive care guaranteed 365 days a year


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