The practical automatic raising/lowering mechanism.

AutoLift, the automatic raising and lowering system fitted as standard, allows you to achieve accurate cooking of pasta, deep-fried, poached or boiled foods.
It saves you from having to watch over the food, and ensures perfect results. Pasta and rice are cooked perfectly and vegetables retain their firm bite and colour.

Benefits to you at a glance:
  • Accurate cooking
  • No monitoring required
  • Easy to use

Precision landing with no supervision.

For maximum benefit for pleasure in cooking.

Just imagine! The VarioCookingCenter® will automatically fill itself with water and bring it to boiling point in record time. The concentrated power of the VarioBoost® heating system means that it keeps bubbling away even when the pasta is loaded. The integrated cooking intelligence, VarioCookingControl®, will monitor the cooking process for you and the food is lifted out automatically at the right time thanks to the AutoLift function.

“In the mornings we start our soups or sauces for our pasta, and for à la carte it is used for pan frying and to keep things warm.”

Jens Janssen , Kitchen Director, Balducci