Pressure cooking.

Perfect cooking results even under pressure.

When you need to work even faster during peak times, you can reduce cooking times for your casseroles, braised dishes, soups, stocks and stews by another 30 percent using the pressure cooking option.

And thanks to the built-in cooking intelligence VarioCookingControl®, the desired cooking level is achieved precisely.

Benefits to you at a glance:
  • 30% faster cooking times
  • Accurate cooking
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance system

Maximum flexibility.

Innovative technology - easy and reliable.

The powerful VarioBoost® heating system quickly builds up the pressure and keeps it constant throughout the cooking process. This protects the cell structure of the food and you achieve high-quality cooking results in no time - simply at the touch of a button. The pressure-cooking option is also maintenance-free, which means there are no additional operating costs.

  • 28 kg beans in a VarioCookingCenter® 311+ in only 20 minutes with pressure cooking.
  • 28 litres veal stock in a VarioCookingCenter® 112+ in only 20 minutes with pressure cooking.

“Due to the cost savings for water and electricity, we were able to implement an attractive front cooking concept with additional pizza ovens and pasta machines.”

Anton Bucher, Project Manager, ABB Switzerland AG