Technical details & equipment.

Technology that gives you the best support.

More protection against burning and sticking.

The side walls are not heated, there is no risk of burning on the edge of the pan and no sticking thanks to patented food recognition.

Maximum work safety.

The integrated water outlet allows draining without any movement to the pan. This prevents scalding and allows the appliance to be installed without a floor channel drain.

Easy to handle.

Thanks to the ideally positioned extracts and automatically tiltable pans, using the appliance is easy and effortless.

All within reach.

The integrated hose spray means there is no need to carry water. Deglazing and cleaning are child's play thanks to the exemplary hygienic integration.

Water intake precise to the litre.

The integrated water intake enables the water to be dosed precisely to the litre. This saves time and there is not need for monitoring.

Accurate cooking results.

AutoLift, the patented raising and lowering system, allows you to achieve accurate cooking of pasta, deep-fried, poached or boiled foods.

Reliable cooking temperatures.

The core temperature probe with 6-point measurement recognises false readings and guarantees precise cooking results - HACCP logging included.

Quickest preheating.

VarioBoost®, the patented heating system, combines power, speed and precision. 200 °C in 2 minutes (model 112+ and 112T) or 200 °C in 2.5 minutes (model 211 and 311).

“We chose the VarioCookingCenter as the diversity of the appliances guarantees we can save on staff, time and therefore costs.”

Thorsten Geitel , Managing Director, Party Rent