Hot searing in record time.

In only 2.5 minutes, the pan reaches 200°C and even keeps the heat when it is filled with a lot of cold food to be cooked. You cook up to 4 times as fast without long waiting times, batch for batch. The highly compact, network-like VarioBoost® heating structure evenly distributes the heat over the pan base and thus prevents sticking. Thanks to the extraordinary searing capacity, it is possible to sear double the amount of meat compared to conventional pans, griddles, tilting pans or pressure cooking braising pans - and in better quality.

Benefits to you at a glance:
  • Up to 200 °C in only 2.5 minutes
  • Up to 4 times faster boiling
  • No long waiting times between different productions
  • 40% more capacity for frying
  • Food does not stick

Sophisticated heating power.

Power, speed and precision combined.

Thanks to the sophisticated heating power of the VarioCookingCenter®, the pan base is hot and ready to use in just a few seconds. With the variable reserve capacity, you can also sear 40% more meat than in a conventional tilting pan. The meat retains its juices: For you, this means better food quality and up to 17% less weight loss. The subsequent clean takes place effortlessly in just a few minutes and you can quickly start with the next production run.

"We use our VarioCookingCenter both for à la carte and in pre-production. The quick heating and cooling times save us so much time."

Rüdiger Glanz, Head chef, Hotel Prinzregent