Impressive performance.

The new CombiMaster® Plus doesn’t just set new standards in terms of cost efficiency, it also raises the bar for effective performance: it supplies food the exact amount of energy it requires, in extremely high doses if necessary.

Its sensitive measurement and control center ensures a uniform cooking cabinet climate that you can adapt precisely to the individual products you are preparing.

The top performer:
  • Dynamic air circulation and new cooking cabinet geometry
  • Active climate management inside the cooking cabinet
  • Efficient, hygienic steam generator

Automatic cleaning.
Simply clean.

It doesn't get any easier. Thanks to its new automatic cleaning function, the CombiMaster® Plus is ready to use again in no time at all. It cleans itself with almost no effort on your part, and can even do it overnight if desired.

Just select your desired level of cleaning and insert the displayed tabs, and you’re all set. Now your unit will always be hygienically clean and well cared-for.


Individually programmable.

The CombiMaster® Plus provides 100 slots to store programs containing up to six steps each, so you can automate your own multi-step cooking sequences and then run them by simply pressing a button.

Active climate management within the cooking cabinet.

Sensors continuously measure cooking cabinet humidity levels and adjust them automatically based on your settings. Depending on product needs, the system adds moisture to the cooking cabinet or draws excess moisture out, thereby eliminating the need for time-consuming activities like basting or adding liquid.

ClimaPlus® can be used manually or as part of a cooking program. And, of course, you can also adjust humidity settings during the cooking process based on your own experiences.


Highly effective cooking cabinet dehumidification.

The new active cooking cabinet dehumidification system works quickly and reliably under any circumstances, ensuring crisp crusts, crunchy breading and juicy roasts—even when preparing large quantities.

Pure, hygienic steam.

With its new efficient steam control system, the powerful fresh-steam generator combines the benefits of cooking in water (namely, maximum moisture) with those of more gentle steaming. That means minimal preheating times, intense colors, and appealing flavors—not to mention vitamin and mineral retention. The generator ensures maximum steam saturation and keeps steam temperatures constant at all times, guaranteeing top-quality results. The new steam regulator keeps hygienic fresh steam circulating gently and consistently around the food, so even the most sensitive products will not dry out.



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