Select the results you want. Load. Done.

It has never been simpler to produce the food quality that you want. Whether it's meat, fish, poultry, baked goods, egg dishes, or desserts, everything is cooked exactly how you want it in the SelfCookingCenter®. You specify the result and the SelfCookingCenter® does what you say. Consistently and to the point. This is made possible by the unique cooking intelligence: iCookingControl®.

Benefits for you at a glance:
  • Top-quality cooking results with no monitoring
  • Easy to operate, even for temporary staff
  • Reduces raw materials use by up to 10% than units without HiDensityControl®
  • Healthy food preparation using up to 95% less grease

Simplicity through cooking intelligence.
This is one assistant cook you can always rely on.

iCookingControl® also learns from your cooking habits and preferences and adjusts the settings to your requirements. You no longer need to check or monitor anything and everything will turn out exactly how you want it. You can always rely on this chef's assistant.

Your wishes will be granted precisely.
Without you having to do a thing.

With its sensors, iCookingControl® recognizes the size and condition of the products as well as the load size, and adjusts the best path to your desired result depending on the food. It makes all of the necessary decisions and automatically sets the temperature, the cooking cabinet climate, and the cooking time.

Every adjustment is shown to you on the display. That way you know exactly what is happening and can keep an eye on it.

Progress on the display.
Left to right.

  • You specify your desired result. The SelfCookingCenter® will reliably implement your idea.
  • In the iCookingControl® (iCC) Cockpit, you will always be able to keep an eye on what your cooking system is doing.
  • The iCookingControl® (iCC) Monitor shows you which settings the system is applying.
Easy handling of steamers

Additional functions:

Read on to learn about other intelligent functions.

"The RATIONAL is brilliant at cooking everything to the same quality, whether it’s salmon steaks or croissants."

Mohamed Osman

Mohamed Osman

Managing Director

Fait Maison / London, England

Seeing is believing.
Come cook with us.

Seeing is believing, come cook us at a free RATIONAL CookingLive demo in your area.



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