All at the same time and always at the right time.

With iLevelControl, you can master à la carte, mise en place, and your breakfast service effortlessly, quickly, and flexibly. In just 10.76 ft2 (1 m²) of space, you can combine a variety of different cooking appliances, such as pots, pans, a grill, or fryer, and prepare all kinds of different foods in a single appliance all at the same time.

Benefits for you at a glance:
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Producing high-quality food
  • Energy savings of up to 70% compared to conventional cooking technology without combi-steamer
  • Ease of operations with no monitoring

Intelligent mixed loads.
iLevelControl adjusts automatically.

Your SelfCookingCenter® will show you which foods can be cooked together on the display. You specify what you want to prepare and iLevelControl will monitor each rack individually. iLevelControl will intelligently adjust cooking times based on the load size and how long the door stays open. When cooking times adjust, the SelfCookingCenter® will inform you, so you can work on other tasks.

When a dish is ready, iLevelControl will let you know and indicate the corresponding rack on the display. If desired, the system will also illuminate which rack can be loaded or removed. This almost completely eliminates the possibility of operational error. Your food will always be cooked perfectly and exactly how you want it.

Additional functions:

Read on to learn about other intelligent functions.

"With the RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter®, we can have a larger and more varied range of food than we would otherwise have."

Joen Sjödell

Joen Sjödell

Executive Chef

ICA Kvantum Emporia / Malmö, Sweden

Seeing is believing.
Come cook with us.

Seeing is believing, come cook us at a free RATIONAL CookingLive demo in your area.



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