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The SelfCookingCenter®
The perfect cooking system for your hospital or care facility.

The new SelfCookingCenter® can reduce workloads on numerous specialty appliances—such as convection ovens, tilting fryers, boilers, deep-fryers, and steamers—or even replace those appliances entirely. You can use it to grill, roast, bake, steam, stew, blanch, poach, and much more, all within less than 11 ft² (around 1 m²). The SelfCookingCenter® opens up a world of possibilities!

Potential uses:
  • Wonderfully easy, healthy food preparation
  • Unsupervised overnight cooking
  • Modern Cook & Chill
  • Baking like a pro

Unsupervised overnight cooking.
Turn night into day.

Just imagine: you come into the kitchen in the morning, and the roasts are already finished. With the SelfCookingCenter®, that’s no problem.

Overnight cooking saves you time and boosts your capacity. It drastically reduces cooking and trimming losses. Large roasts of all types turn out incomparably beautifully. And a special aging process helps make the meat especially tender and juicy—from the first piece to the last.

State-of-the-art Cook & Chill.
Finishing® in the SelfCookingCenter®

Finishing® is ideal whenever you want to offer a wide variety of top-quality food in large quantities. The secret to its success is that it separates production and service:
You produce food in advance, when there’s time to do so. You can plan out the preparation of individual components over the space of a day or two.

When you need the food, load the containers in rolling batches and use Finishing® to bring them up to serving temperature in just a few minutes. iLevelControl monitors each rack individually, so you’ll always have an eye on things. You’ll end up with hot, hygienic food in just the right quantities, from the first container to the last—ready to serve or portion out for meals.

Finishing® in containers

Finishing® in containers

Bake like a pro.
Unrivaled quality in no time.

You can use the SelfCookingCenter® to prepare all types of sweet and savory baked goods, knowing you’ll always get bakery-quality results—batch after batch, piece after piece. It is so easy to operate, every product will turn out perfectly the first time around. You can produce up to 400 rolls in just ten minutes. Thanks to iLevelControl, you can even prepare different baked goods in rolling mixed batches, with consistently superior results.

Bakery quality

Bakery quality

"The RATIONAL unit is the best product for our food industry which helps us maintain high quality."

Laveen Mirg

Laveen Mirg

Chef de Partie

Fortis Memorial Research Institute / Gurgaon, India

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Success stories in hospitals and care facilities.

  • Kristianstad Central Hospital - Kristianstad, Sweden

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