The CUPnCAKE Factory. Gurgaon, India.

“This is what efficiency means to me: 72 cupcakes in only 20 minutes cooked the way I wanted it – next to 30% lower energy consumption. What should I say, I just love it.” - Nadia Suryakanth, Owner

Cupcake Craving?

The CUPnCAKE Factory located on the ground floor in Ninex City Mart, Gurgaon is a veritable sanctuary to the cupcake. This boutique bakery offers a whimsical, elegant experience with their delicious cupcake offerings that will surely satisfy your cravings. Everybody loves cupcakes. That’s for sure, but when you have a craving for a creative cupcake or a cake, where do you go? The CUPnCAKE Factory has got you covered.

Besides the bestseller red velvet and choco fudge, they offer many other creative flavors like Hawaii and pumpkin spice flavored cupcake. Whether it’s to pick up a gift- wrapped treat for a friend or event, or just to pick up a quick fix to go with a coffee, this is one bakery you shouldn’t walk past. For those of you who can barely find the time to have lunch, let alone make a trip into Gurgaon for cupcakes, not to worry, the CUPnCAKE Factory delivers right to your doorstep.

The RATIONAL Solution.

“First time I saw RATIONAL at the exhibition I was impressed by the croissant I tried there, it was so succulent and flaky,” describes Nadia Suryakanth (owner of the CUPnCAKE Factory). I’ve been working with a RATIONAL unit from day one of the opening of the CUPnCake Factory and baking has definitely been made easy. All I need to do is place the cupcakes in the unit and the rest is taken care of, I need not worry about checking on the cupcakes.

Since the RATIONAL unit is compact and mobile, a lot of space is saved. “RATIONAL showed me the usage of the wide range of applications in the SelfCookingCenter® like for example steaming, grilling or poaching. This allows me the flexibility to extend our menu in the future. The after sales service is what I am really happy about, the RATIONAL application and service support are indeed just a phone call away and they are ready to help you any time,” says Nadia.

  • Automatic cooking processes –
    same results guaranteed, no matter who is operating the unit
  • High quantities in less time
  • High savings in space, energy and manpower
  • Automatic cleaning
  • RATIONAL support by operation and developing new menu items
  • RATIONAL Technical Service


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