With the SelfCookingCenter®

The SelfCookingCenter®
A professional baking system.

In addition to cooking, the SelfCookingCenter® is also perfect for baking.

You specify how you want your baked goods. Such as if your baked goods are to have light or dark browning, with or without crust, proved or unproven. You control all of that and your SelfCookingCenter® will implement your specifications perfectly.

40 years of RATIONAL baking research.
The result you want - in the simplest way.

It works so well because the experience gained from 40 years of RATIONAL baking research has been put into this baking system. It uses this experience and always achieves your desired result very quickly and reliably. If you are satisfied with the result, you can always use those settings again simply at the touch of a button.

This means you will always get the same good results - irrespective of who is baking, regardless of load size, or if smaller or larger baked goods are baked the next time. Your baking system recognises all of that by itself and adjusts the settings so that you will always get the result you want.

40 years of RATIONAL baking research.

40 years of RATIONAL baking research.

Baking quantities.
For fresh baked goods -always.

With iLevelControl, you always make optimum use of your SelfCookingCenter®. Because iLevelControl makes sure you can prepare different baked goods on a rolling basis in just a single cooking cabinet.

iLevelControl monitors each rack individually to the second. It adjusts the baking times to the load quantity and the number and duration of door openings, and makes sure that the quality is always consistently high.

The SelfCookingCenter® will automatically indicate when the baked goods are ready and with the rack signalling, this is even supported by lighting whereby a rack will blink when it can be loaded or unloaded.

Overview of advantages:
  • Significant time savings, always fresh baked goods
  • No checking required
  • Consistently high baking quality
  • Easy to handle

To be enjoyed with all your senses.
Efficiency, even with small quantities.

With the SelfCookingCenter®, you can produce your products on demand in no time and also stay efficient, even with small quantities.

That is the freshness you and your customers see, smell and taste.

A guided path to your personal desired result.

1. Your selection window will show the baked goods you want.
You can see which baked goods go together or not (greyed) at a glance.

2. Shows you what foods are baked on which rack.

3. Each rack is monitored; the remaining baking time is displayed.

4. The baking time is adjusted according to load quantity and the duration of door openings.

5. The appliance notifies you as soon as a product is ready.

Display: A guided path to your personal desired result.

Baking variety.
Quality your customers love.

Be inspired by the unique diversity - and expand your range with baker's quality delicious fresh baked goods.

Whether you're making bread rolls, croissants, Danish or cakes, you will have successful results, it's also extremely easy to use. You determine the desired result, such as the browning of the product, and iCookingControl will do the rest and always exactly to the letter.

Overview of advantages:
  • Easy to use, even for temporary staff
  • Saves time and provides relief from time-consuming routines
  • Automatically uses 100% of the technological capability
  • Best baking results, can be reproduced at any time

Concentrate on the essentials.
Customer satisfaction through iCookingControl.

Relieved of daily routines such as monitoring or readjustment, you can concentrate on what's important - satisfied customers.

While the baking process is running, the SelfCookingCenter® keeps you continually in the loop. You are informed on the baking progress at all times.

All at the same time and always at the right time.

With iLevelControl, you can master à la carte, mise en place, and your breakfast service effortlessly, quickly, and flexibly.

In just 10.76 ft2 (1 m²) of space, you can combine a variety of different cooking appliances, such as pots, pans, a grill, or fryer, and prepare all kinds of different foods in a single appliance all at the same time.

With iLevelControl, you can master à la carte, mise en place, and your breakfast service effortlessly, quickly, and flexibly.

Baking quality.
Just great. Always fresh. Just great.

Whether sweet or savoury baked goods, small or large, fresh or frozen, raw or semi-baked products - your SelfCookingCenter® is equipped with all the main functions so that your baked goods will look and taste like they have just come from the baker's.

Everyone can be a baking professional now - all you have to do is set your desired baking result. According to which dough you are preparing and whether you want light or dark browning, the SelfCookingCenter® will precisely adjust the humidity, temperature, air speed and baking time to your specifications.

Overview of advantages:
  • Precise amount of steam
  • Humidity regulation and dynamic air mixing down to the percent
  • Perfect baking with core temperature probe
  • Different fan wheel speeds
  • Integrated proving stages
  • Steam baking with regulated rising

Adjustment to individual preferences.
With the baking assistant to your desired result.

With the SelfCookingCenter®, you can prepare almost any baked goods in the world. If you like, your new baking assistant will even consider local characteristics. Whether you want to bake a golden to chocolate brown succulent cheesecake or the unbrowned and creamy New York cheesecake.

It's in your control and your SelfCookingCenter® will help you.

Accessories for baking.
Your versatile companion.

Using original RATIONAL accessories will allow you to use all the features of the SelfCookingCenter®.

Even special baking applications will always succeed exactly how you want them. Original RATIONAL accessories are specially matched to your RATIONAL unit.

It is extremely rugged and thus ideal for daily hard use.

Overview of advantages:
  • Optimal browning and crispiness
  • Can be used for all kinds of products
  • Standardised installation
  • Secure transportation
  • Simple, secure and slip-free handling

Baking trays.

The baking tray is ideal for the preparation of bread rolls, croissants, danish pastries and baguettes. Everything is uniformly browned, remains juicy and obtains a nice crust. Use the perforated baking tray to crisp up pre-baked products.

Roasting and baking trays

Roasting and baking trays

Grill and pizza tray.

You can use the baking side for freshly made or convenience pizza as well as tarte flambée and traditional flatbread. Withstanding temperatures of up to 575 °F (300°C), the excellent heat conductivity will give you optimal browning and crispiness every time.

The fine ribbed structure on the grilling side is particularly suitable for grilling vegetables, fish and other grilled products.

Grill and pizza tray

Grill and pizza tray

Roasting and baking pan.

With the roasting and baking pan, you can prepare almost all the classic panfried dishes like Swiss Rösti, tortilla, quiches, pancakes or even small cakes like tartes tatin. The excellent heat conductivity and the griddled surface ensure the best possible browning in under minutes. Specially formed carrier trays, which are available in both sizes, ensure easy, secure and slip-free handling.

Roasting and baking pan

Roasting and baking pan

Muffin and timbale mould.

The muffin and timbale mold is made from a highly flexible material and has optimal non-stick properties.

With a fill volume of 3.4 fl oz (100 ml), it is particularly suited for the preparation of vegetable flans, fish timbales, bread pudding, poached eggs and all kinds of desserts.

Muffin and timbale mould

Muffin and timbale mould

Granite-enameled container.

Granite enamelled containers by RATIONAL are almost indestructible. The corners of the containers are fully contoured so that no portions are lost when baking cakes or gratins.

Thanks to the excellent heat conductivity, the food is browned uniformly, whether it is a crispy escalope, a juicy roast or a soft tray-bake cake.

Granite-enameled containers

Granite-enameled containers

Stands and base cabinets.

To provide secure support for your RATIONAL appliance, we offer stands and base cabinets made from high-grade, robust stainless steel. All stands and base cabinets conform to the applicable hygiene regulations.

Base frames

Base frames

Mobile oven rack.

For your your SelfCookingCenter® XS 61 and 101, the ergonomic design of the mobile oven rack allows quick loading and unloading. The additional transport trolley with its oversized, quiet and hygienic tandem castors (CNS) allows for secure transportation.

The condensation technology of the baking hood absorbs and dissipates steam. There is no need for complicated and expensive installations to remove exhaust air. Installation is simple and it can be retrofitted at any time. There is no need for a connection to the outside.

Baker's standard mobile oven rack

Baker's standard mobile oven rack

"This is what efficiency means to me: 72 cupcakes in only 20 minutes cooked the way I wanted it – next to 30% lower energy consumption. What should I say, I just love it."

Nadia Suryakanth

Nadia Suryakanth


The CUPnCAKE Factory / Gurgaon, India



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