Made easy.

Crisp, fresh and delicious.
Breakfast made easy.

Surprise your guests with exciting variety starting with the breakfast buffet. Oven-fresh bread rolls and croissants, crispy bacon, delicious sausages and scrambled eggs as if fresh out the pan - with iLevelControl you can prepare a wide variety of different baked goods and buffet products in rolling mixed loads. Simply use the preset breakfast shopping cart.

You can prepare extra portions of individual foods in just a few minutes, as and when needed, So the buffet is always fresh and of consistently high and above all consistant quality, regardless of who is in the kitchen.

Overview of advantages:
  • Breakfast variety and easily prepared additional products
  • Permanent freshness and exceptional quality
  • Easy and quick to operate
  • Breakfast buffet production in just 10 minutes
  • Consistant quality

Freshly baked goods and snacks in one single appliance.
Diversity, around the clock.

You can also offer your customers a wide range of snacks and hot meals. No matter whether you produce the dishes yourself or use products from a supplier, the SelfCookingCenter® is always the ideal solution. And if you want, you can even use it to conjure up a wide breakfast selection. From bread rolls to grilled sausages, fried eggs and omelettes to pancakes, you can produce everything in just one single appliance. What's more the SelfCookingCenter® is easy and intuitive to use so that even untrained personnel can operate it without requiring a great deal of training.

In the past, numerous special appliances like a grill, oven, stove, pots and pans were needed to prepare snacks and hot meals. You can now easily and quickly prepare a wide range of snacks and baked goods in a single appliance.

Accessories for breakfast.
Top quality is our goal.

With our own specially developed RATIONAL accessory, production for the day can start without stress:
Thanks to the RATIONAL Multibaker, you can prepare 80 fried eggs in just 90 seconds. With the TriLax®-coated roasting and baking trays, you will achieve crispy browning for bacon and sausages or bake wonderfully soft croissants and bread rolls. Nothing sticks and everything is ready to use again in a flash.


The Multibaker is suitable for preparing large quantities of fried eggs, omelettes, hash browns or tortilla española in large batches. The special Teflon coating prevents the food from sticking.



Roasting and baking trays.

The roasting and baking tray is ideal for the preparation of bread rolls, croissants, Danish pastries, sausages and bacon. Everything is uniformly browned, remains juicy and obtains a nice crust. Use the perforated baking tray to crisp up pre-baked products.

Roasting and baking trays

Roasting and baking trays

"We load up our hot breakfast buffet in just 10 minutes with the SelfCookingCenter®."

Thomas Angerer

Thomas Angerer

BMW Eventcatering / Munich, Germany



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