The reliable professional kitchen assistant.

On a footprint of less than 11 ft² (1 m²), you can fry, roast, grill, steam, poach, bake, and much more. It can do that regardless of whether you want to prepare meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, egg dishes, baked goods, or desserts - whether it is thirty or several thousand meals.

It brings the support any kitchen team would wish for: it cooks quickly, is easy to use, provides the food quality you specify, and even saves you money, time, and energy. It does all of the monitoring and checking for you. It sets the temperature, humidity, and cooking time by itself. It monitors the cooking climate and the browning, and even saves you from having to flip or turn items, such as pan-fried foods.

Benefits for you at a glance:
  • Outstanding food quality at all times
  • Easy to operate even for untrained staff
  • Minimum running costs
  • No checking or monitoring
  • Cook different foods at the same time
  • Automatic cleaning and descaling

Four intelligent functions:
For cooking quality, ease of operation and efficiency.

  • iCookingControl®.
    Simplicity through cooking intelligence.
  • HiDensityControl.
    Precision means top quality.
  • iLevelControl.
    Intelligent mixed loading.
  • Efficient CareControl.
    Intelligent automatic cleaning.

The cooking system with real intelligence.
More than just an ordinary combi-steamer.

It’s the first (and, so far, the only) cooking system with real intelligence, and it’s revolutionising the way food is prepared. You no longer have to set temperatures, moisture levels or air circulation speeds, and then continually adjust them. All you need to do is specify the results you want. It doesn’t matter whether you want your food to turn out rare, medium or well-done, lightly browned or dark, with or without a crust.
It always comes down to one simple formula for perfect cooking results - select a product, load it, and that’s it — no matter who’s operating the unit.

You're not sure which RATIONAL appliance suits you best?

We have created a product advisor especially to help you with guiding questions which will lead to a product recommendation. On the basis of your replies, a suitable RATIONAL appliance with options and accessories will be suggested.

To the RATIONAL product advisor

1,000 American and international dishes.
At the touch of a button.

The 5 senses of the SelfCookingCenter® will support you. They sense the ideal cooking cabinet conditions, recognize the size and quantity of food, think ahead and know how a dish is best cooked, learn which habits chefs prefer, and even communicate with them.

Powerful steam, convection & combination.
The SelfCookingCenter® covers up to 95% of all the typical cooking applications. You no longer need a traditional steamer or convection oven.

Combining heat and steam into a single appliance opens up a wealth of new options in professional food preparation. You can operate the SelfCookingCenter® manually. Regardless of whether you’re using convection, steam or a combination, in manual mode you can adjust every parameter yourself, directly and precisely, right down to the exact degree.

Stewing, poaching, blanching, and steaming – our high-performance steam generator does all of that. Whether its vegetables, fish, or egg dishes, you will achieve intense colors thanks to the precise steam temperatures and maximum steam saturation. The vitamins and minerals are preserved and there is no drying out.

Tender roasts, crispy breaded cutlets, grilled steaks, roasted chicken, and soft baked goods – thanks to sustained convection of up to 575°F (300°C), everything is prepared with consistency, crispiness, and juiciness that sets standards worldwide.

The hot and humid climate prevents the food from drying out, minimizes weight loss, and ensures an even browning of roasts, gratins, and bakery products. Plus, the cooking times are much shorter when compared to conventional cooking appliances.

SelfCookingCenter® XS.
Professional class, small format.

The new SelfCookingCenter® XS offers all of the important functions to ensure superior quality and maximum efficiency.

Seeing is believing.
Come cook with us.

Seeing is believing, come cook us at a free RATIONAL CookingLive demo in your area.



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