Finishing® in à la carte.
This is how you can master rush hour.

Finishing® in the SelfCookingCenter® is the perfect solution for your à la carte. For example, you can serve up to 150 meals with only two kitchen staff, without the stress or hectic rush, simply at the push of a button.

The dishes from your menu that have been prepared in advance are chilled and ready. Only when the order comes in is the food served on the plate cold. The food is given the Finishing® treatment in the SelfCookingCenter®.

You can also prepare pan-fried foods, for example, à la minute and add the side dishes completed in Finishing®. The sauce and garnish are added prior to serving.

Overview of advantages:
  • À la carte without stress and hectic rush
  • Many dishes with low staff expenditure
  • Consistently high food quality
  • No pools of condensation on the plates and foods do not dry out
  • Super easy room service

Fresh on the table.
Overview with iLevelControl.

Finishing® has cooked the food to perfection and it comes fresh to table on hot plates. From plating to serving the ready-to-serve plate, you will only need 8 minutes per batch - your customers will be impressed by the quality. With RATIONAL iLevelControl, you can retain your composure even during rush hour service. Every plate is monitored. iLevelControl will automatically signal once the relevant plate is ready. Everything is finished to perfection with Finishing®.

"With RATIONAL we serve more than 450 plates in only 15 minutes. Every dish looks like the other and the quality is excellent."

Matias Martinez

Matias Martinez

Executive Chef

Banyan Tree Macau Hotel / Galaxy Macau, China



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