Perfect grill pattern and traditional flavour.

For grilling, high temperatures are crucial. The SelfCookingCenter® reaches 300 °C in just a few minutes. It maintains this even with large load quantities, as it has the reserve capacity to provide the necessary energy immediately and directly.

Only in this way is a typical grill pattern on all types of meat, fish or poultry possible.

Overview of advantages:
  • All steaks cooked perfectly
  • No turning and no monitoring
  • Typical grill pattern
  • Grill and then it cleans itself
  • So simple to use

The multifunctional grilling station.
Large quantities, easily prepared.

The versatile special RATIONAL grilling accessory guarantees the typical stripe or cross grill pattern. With the GriddleGrid grill, you can even load the products on the cold grill. This allows you to prepare large quantities in a single load, such as up to 160 steak in just 15 minutes or 180 salmon fillets in 8 minutes, without any checking or monitoring required. Whether large or small pieces, full or part load, everything is prepared exactly how you want it with the "grill" function. You simply specify the browning and cooking level and your SelfCookingCenter® will do the rest.

If you want, you can prepare a wide range of grilled products at the same time in a single load, because with the SelfCookingCenter® you have a multifunctional grilling station. Each rack is monitored individually. And when something is ready, iLevelControl will automatically signal this.

"With the RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter®, we can have a larger and more varied range of food than we would otherwise have."

Joen Sjödell

Joen Sjödell

Executive Chef

ICA Kvantum Emporia / Malmö, Sweden

Other possibilities for mixed loading:



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