Overnight roasting.
Inspirational diversity.

With the "Overnight roast" function, you can prepare an unbelievable variety of roasts, all at once. You simply specify the browning and cooking level and Your SelfCookingCenter® will do the rest.

After the automatic preheating phase, you simply place the raw meat pieces in the cooking cabinet. There is no need to sear in a pan or tilting pan, as thanks to the high performance capability of the SelfCookingCenter®, the meat is automatically seared and nicely browned.

The cooking cabinet temperature is then reduced by very fast cooling and the meat is then cooked very gently. This slow cooking process ensures that even the most mature meat becomes succulently tender and beautifully juicy. If the meat is ready, it can be held for many hours without any loss in quality.

Overview of advantages:
  • Excellent food quality
  • So simple to use
  • Significantly reduced shrinkage and cutting losses thanks to gentle resting
  • More capacity by using the night as production time
  • Approved for unsupervised operation

All in one single load.
Roasting diversity at the push of a button.

With "overnight roasting", you can prepare different types of meat and poultry in a single load, and the meat pieces can even be of different sizes. Whether it is roast pork with crackling, pork loin, meatloaf, roast turkey, roast beef, roast veal, duck or goose.

This is roasting diversity at the push of a button. You can also use the benefits of this function during the day.


"Overnight roasting is great in the RATIONAL, the joints are perfect everytime. In fact, shrinkage has been reduced by more than 10%."

Alan Dye

Alan Dye


Scotts of Carshalton / Carshalton, UK



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