Technical details & equipment.
Because details make the difference.


Maximum work safety thanks to low rack heights.
RATIONAL sets a standard that leads the way. The topmost tray is 1.60 m high in all unit sizes.

Rear-ventilated double glazed door with heat-reflective coating.
The design guarantees a low contact temperature on the outer window, and also makes it easy to clean between the windows.

Integrated door drip pan.
The door drip pan is drained constantly, even while the door is open, which effectively prevents puddles of water on the floor.

RATIONAL ConnectedCooking.
With the latest network solution for professional kitchens safety is always assured: With automatic HACCP documentation, relevant data from all connected units is logged, clearly presented and saved - fully automatically. Of course, you can easily export all data in table format or PDF format, and this data can be saved separately or printed.


Cooking technology.

The measuring and control centre automatically maintains the cooking cabinet climate that you set. This combines with the most effective dehumidification technology so that you achieve crispy crusts, crispy breaded coatings and maximum succulence.

The generator with new steam regulator constantly delivers 100 % hygienic fresh steam for optimum food quality. Maximum steam saturation, even in the low temperature range, prevents the food sticking or drying out.

The totally innovative dynamic air circulation and the special cooking cabinet shape ensure that the heat is uniformly distributed in the cooking cabinet. This is essential to ensure a high level of uniformity, even with full loads.

There is no longer any need to clean and replace conventional grease filters. The automatic separation of grease in the fan wheel keeps the cooking cabinet air clean and guarantees a pure taste experience.

Resource efficiency.

Needs-based energy supply.
The entirely newly developed control technology ensures that the food is supplied with exactly the amount of energy that it can actually absorb.

Integral sealing mechanism on standalone units (patent).
Regardless of whether a mobile rack is used, the integral sealing mechanism works without an additional sealing plate and allows no steam or energy to escape.

Takes up 28% less space.
The unit’s compact dimensions reduce the volume to be heated, and thus power consumption as well. The narrow door opening also ensures a small pivot range, and thus reduced energy losses when opening the cooking cabinet door.

High-performance heat exchanger (patent) on gas units.
The special design of the heat exchanger makes it extremely efficient. Large, smooth surfaces make cleaning much easier. The gas burners were awarded the Innovation prize from the German gas industry for their particularly low-emission combustion.



The infinitely variable jet jet strength and ergonomic arrangement greatly simplify rough cleaning, deglazing or adding water. The integral automatic retraction system and automatic water shut-off mechanism offer optimum safety and hygiene conforming to EN 1717 and SVGW standards (Swiss Association for the Gas and Water Industry).


No separate funnel is needed thanks to the integral free outlet conforming to EN 1717. SVGW-approved.

Lengthwise loading means that 1/3 and 2/3 GN containers can be used. The containers are easy to load and unload.


The USB port allows you to easily document 10 days' worth of HACCP data, upload cooking programmes to the unit and update the CombiMaster® Plus software to incorporate the latest results of RATIONAL’s research.



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