Executive Board Members & Supervisory Board.

Dr. Peter Stadelmann.
Chairman of the Executive Board (CEO).

"Our employees are the most important key to the success of our customers. Our principle of "Entrepreneur in the Enterprise" enables and expects responsible and sustainable thinking and acting from every single individual. Our cooperation is based on partnership, reliability and mutual understanding."

Born in 1965, Dr. Peter Stadelmann is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of RATIONAL AG.
Following his degree in economics, Dr. Stadelmann completed his post doc in business management. He then joined the Malik Management Centre in St. Gallen, Switzerland where he held various managerial positions over his 20 years at the organisation. Between 2006 and 2012, he held the position of CEO over the entire Malik corporate group.
Dr. Peter Stadelmann has been a member of the RATIONAL Executive Board since 2012. He was appointed to the position of CEO in January 2014.

Dr. Peter Stadelmann, CEO RATIONAL AG

Peter Wiedemann.
Chief Technical Officer.

"Our aim is that we develop our products and services together with our customers. Our customer-centric organisation forms the powerful basis for RATIONAL's unique innovative drive."

Born in 1959, Peter Wiedemann is the Chief Technical Officer and member of the Executive Board of RATIONAL AG.
After gaining his mechanical engineering degree in 1988 Peter Wiedemann launched his professional career by joining RATIONAL as an engineer in 1988. He was appointed as a product manager just two years later. He was then massively involved in setting up the US subsidiary and took over as Chief Technical Officer in January 1996. In September 1999, he was appointed this responsibility as a member of the Executive Board.

Peter Wiedemann, Chief Technical Officer, RATIONAL AG

Dr. Axel Kaufmann.
Chief Financial Officer.

"The sustainable success of RATIONAL is based on our clear focussing of ideas. Growth, stability and profit are for us not goals but results. They improve the better our customer benefit is."

Born in 1969, Dr. Axel Kaufmann is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and member of the Executive Board of RATIONAL AG.
After completing his studies and masters in business management, Dr. Axel Kaufmann started his professional career at the Deutsche Bank. He then spent the next ten years in managerial roles at the Siemens Group and Nokia Networks in the area of finances and strategy. Before joining RATIONAL, Dr. Axel Kaufmann was the Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chairman of the Executive Board at Koenig & Bauer AG. He has been a member of the RATIONAL Executive Board since January 2016.

Dr. Axel Kaufmann, Chief Financial Officer, RATIONAL AG

Markus Paschmann.
Sales & Marketing Officer.

"There is hardly any other company that consistently puts the customer's needs first. This is why our products are not only customised to the individual user but also to the particular country".

Born in 1966, Markus Paschmann is the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer (CSO) and member of the Executive Board of RATIONAL AG.
After graduating in industrial engineering, Markus Paschmann launched his career at Siemens AG. He then joined the Harting Technologiegruppe to manage the Electronics Global Business Unit and was CEO. In 2006, he joined the Executive Board of Sick AG. Since December 2013, Mr. Markus Paschmann has been the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer at RATIONAL AG responsible for marketing and sales.

Markus Paschmann, Sales & Marketing Officer, RATIONAL AG

Members of the Supervisory Board:

  • Walter Kurtz, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Dr. Hans Maerz, Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Erich Baumgärtner, Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Dr. Gerd Lintz, Member of the Supervisory Board
  • Werner Schwind, Member of the Supervisory Board


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