Impressive performance.

The new CombiMaster® Plus doesn’t just set new standards in terms of cost efficiency, it also raises the bar for effective performance: it supplies food the exact amount of energy it requires, in extremely high doses if necessary.

Its sensitive measurement and control centre ensures a uniform cooking cabinet environment tailored to the individual products being prepared.

The top performer:
  • Dynamic air circulation and new cooking cabinet geometry
  • Active climate management inside the cooking cabinet
  • Efficient, hygienic steam generator

Active climate management within the cooking cabinet.

Sensors continuously measure cooking cabinet humidity levels and adjust them automatically based on your settings. The system supplies or extracts humidity from the cooking cabinet as necessary, eliminating the need for consuming activities like basting or adding liquid.

ClimaPlus® can be used manually or as part of a cooking program. And, of course, you can also adjust humidity settings during the cooking process based on your own experiences.


Highly effective cooking cabinet dehumidification.

The new active cooking cabinet dehumidification system activates quickly and reliably under any circumstances, ensuring crisp crusts, crunchy breading and juicy roasts—even when preparing large quantities.

Pure, hygienic steam.

With its new efficient steam control system, the powerful steam generator combines the benefits of cooking in water (namely, maximum moisture) with those of more gentle steaming. The results? Minimal heating times, intense colours and appetising flavours, while preserving vitamins and minerals. Constant steam temperatures at all times and maximum steam saturation guarantee top-quality results. The new steam control ensures that food is gently enveloped in hygienic steam at all times, so not even the most sensitive products will dry out.


Work effectively. Easy to operate. Easy cleaning.

The CombiMaster® Plus is so self-explanatory that operating it is effortless right from the start. The simple, clear symbols are logically arranged, and the familiar rotary knob makes it easier to adjust settings precisely.


The CombiMaster® Plus provides 100 slots to store programmes containing up to six steps each, so you can automate your own multi-step cooking sequences and then run them by simply pressing a button.


Cleaning the RATIONAL CombiMaster® Plus couldn’t be simpler. Just spray the inside of the cooking cabinet with RATIONAL cleaner and start the cleaning programme. For best results, rinse the cooking cabinet afterwards with the hand shower. And that’s it! Even the toughest grime doesn’t stand a chance.


The rotary function-selection knob is simple, totally clear, and durable enough for tough day-to-day kitchen work.



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