What is a CombiMaster® Plus?
The RATIONAL combi-steamer without Cooking Intelligence.

The CombiMaster® Plus is a tailor-made solution for anyone who is looking for a classic combi-steamer and wishes to operate it manually. It delivers exceptional food quality, helps optimise raw materials usage, lowers resource consumption and saves time. The CombiMaster® Plus is truly multi-talented, and will quickly become an indispensable helper in your kitchen. Its space requirements are modest, what was once time-intensive work requiring a great deal of space and multiple appliances can now be accomplished with just one unit taking up less than 1 m² of space.

The chart below shows you the five ways you can use the CombiMaster® Plus.

The operating modes:
  • Steam cooking mode from 30 °C to 130 °C
  • Hot air cooking mode from 30 °C to 300 °C
  • Combination cooking mode from 30 °C to 300 °C
  • Finishing®
  • 5 air speeds

Steam mode:
From 30 °C to 130 °C.

The high performance steam generator with its new steam regulation system continually produces fresh, hygienic steam. You can cook without adding water or waiting for the water to boil. Constant cooking cabinet temperatures and maximum steam saturation ensure that the cooking process is uniform and very gentle, providing top-quality results. Vegetables, in particular, are guaranteed to come out crisp-tender and vibrant in colour, while retaining their vitamins and minerals. Even delicate foods such as crème caramel, quiches, fine fish or mousselines will turn out beautifully with minimal effort – even in large quantities.


Convection mode:
From 30 °C to 300 °C.

Hot air is circulated at high speed throughout the cooking cabinet, flowing around the food from all sides. The meat protein sets immediately, so the meat remains wonderfully succulent on the inside. Continuous convection at temperatures of up to 300 °C is not simply a technical detail—it ensures that the necessary reserve capacity will always be available, even for full loads. This is the only way to guarantee succulent, perfectly browned sautés; tasty frozen convenience foods like calamari, croquettes, spring rolls, and chicken wings; or light, fluffy baked goods.


Combi-steam mode:
From 30 °C to 300 °C.

Combi-steam mode gives you all the benefits of hot steam (short cooking times, minimal cooking losses, juiciness) plus all the advantages of convection (intensely developed flavours, appetising colours, crisp crusts). You’ll significantly shorten your cooking times, eliminate the need to turn the food, and reduce your cooking losses by up to 50%.


Consistent decoupling of production and output.

From side dishes to entire menus: prepare your food perfectly, chill it, and then let the CombiMaster® Plus create the perfect climate to warm it up to serving temperature quickly—on platters, on plates, or in containers. You enjoy additional flexibility, and your customers enjoy better food—for you no longer have to sacrifice food quality by keeping it warm for long periods.


Five convection velocities:
Always the right speed.

Whether your food is delicate or robust, the CombiMaster® Plus always provides the right convection speed. Even soufflés, éclairs and sponge cakes are child's play.



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