Everything under control - always.

Whether it's the SelfCookingCenter®, VarioCooking Center® or CombiMaster® Plus – with ConnectedCooking you can always have everything in sight:

  • Push notifications.

    Receive notifications on everything that is happening on and in your units.

    Whether it’s a load, ready or service notification, all information will be conveniently sent to you in real time, exactly where you want it.

  • Remote access.

    Remote access will allow you to easily operate all connected units from your smart phone or PC. You can see exactly what settings are applied on your unit and can even modify those settings. In the unit overview, you can use the residual time and the current climate to quickly find a unit in which you can add an appropriate product or to see which unit will be free next.

  • Transfer and manage cooking programmes

    Distributing cooking programmes will then become child’s play. You select which cooking programme you want to send to which unit, and that’s it.

  • Software updates.

    Quickly and reliably bring your units up-to-date with the latest technology. Updates are always provided to you free and automatically. Just start the update, that’s it.

    If you acquire additional RATIONAL units, you can quickly transfer your personal appliance settings to the new unit. This ensures that the settings on all your units are always what you want them to be. ConnectedCooking even changes summer time to winter time automatically.


Comfort. Safety. Inspiration.

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