Ideas and tips for the professional kitchen.

Chefs all over the world now have an online platform where they can compare notes and find tips on techniques or recipes: Club RATIONAL. As a Club member, you’ll find out immediately about any new developments in the culinary professional world.

We at RATIONAL are always posting new videos with new applications and products to show you just how easy our devices are to operate. You can also download software updates through the Club at no charge, so you’ll always be abreast of the latest technology.

  • Recipe inspiration

    We have tested thousands of recipes and adapted them to our appliances. Download them from Club RATIONAL, collect your personal favorites, share them with colleagues or post recipes of your own.

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    Recipe inspiration
  • Cooking tips

    Benefit from over 40 years of RATIONAL cooking experience and use the unimagined possibilities of the SelfCookingCenter®.

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  • RATIONAL ServiceCall

    Fast and simple - your ServiceCall will reach one of our RATIONAL Service Partners directly!

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  • Video library

    We at RATIONAL are always posting new videos with new applications and products. Experience how easy it is to operate and how unbelievably simple it is to prepare all kinds of products. All in sound and image.

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  • Cookbooks

    The site also has thousands of downloadable cookbooks available to anyone looking for creative ideas around a particular theme. Collect and arrange your favourite recipes by category, ingredients, seasons or occasions, and create your own personal reference book.

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  • Updates

    Simply download software updates in Club RATIONAL and join in benefiting from the latest findings of our cooking research. This will make sure your SelfCookingCenter® is always up to date with the latest technology.



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