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LED lighting with rack signaling.

Our new and innovative LED lighting ensures optimum illumination of both the cooking cabinet and each individual rack—top to bottom, back to front. The neutral lighting helps you see products’ natural browning. Energy-efficient, durable and low-maintenance. The new tray lighting option makes using iLevelControl even easier: A blinking light signals which tray needs to be loaded or unloaded.


LED lighting

Triple-glazed cooking cabinet door.

The triple glazing has a state-of-the-art heat-reflective coating to ensure minimal heat losses, which saves you another 10% in energy costs. All three panels can be cleaned, so you’ll have a clear view of things for years to come.

Integrated hand shower with automatic retraction system.

An infinitely-variable jet and ergonomic handling facilitate rough cleaning work, deglazing or adding water. The integral automatic retraction system and automatic water shut-off mechanism offer optimum safety and hygiene conforming to EN 1717 and SVGW standards (Swiss Association for the Gas and Water Industry).

Energy consumption display.

You’ll always know how much energy an individual cooking process requires, or how much energy your appliance is consuming per day. Energy consumption data can be viewed on the display, and is also available for download.

300°C maximum cooking cabinet temperature.

The SelfCookingCenter® particularly robust construction allows even continuous operation at temperatures of up to 300°C, so special cooking methods like grilling or searing are equally possible with large quantities of food.

Steam generator.

If you're aiming for top quality steaming results, our steam generator is indispensable. The 100% fresh and hygienic steam guarantees maximum steam saturation even at low temperatures, for example when poaching.

The steam generator is automatically descaled as part of the cleaning process, making expensive water softening measures superfluous.


Steam generator

Centrifugal grease trap system.

Cooking cabinet air stays clean at all times, with no need to replace or clean grease filters. Pure taste enjoyment.

Lengthwise loading.

Loading lengthwise means the door need not be opened as far, which helps reduce energy losses significantly, even if you’re opening and closing the door frequently as part of à la carte operations. The small opening radius requires less space as well. 1/3 GN and 2/3 GN containers can also be used for smaller quantities.

Positioning aid.

Our positioning aid makes it easier to position the core temperature probe correctly in liquid, soft or very small products.

Intelligent 6-point sensor.

Even if the core temperature probe is not inserted correctly, the sensor can still reliably detect the coldest point within the product, so all products always come out cooked to perfection.

Dynamic air circulation.

Thanks to special cooking cabinet geometry and a powerful fan impeller that changes rotational speed and direction based on specific product requirements, heat is always distributed perfectly throughout the cooking cabinet. This ensures excellent food quality even with full loads. The integrated fan wheel brake reacts promptly when the door is opened, so that the fan impeller comes to a standstill quickly for even more safety and security.



RATIONAL ConnectedCooking.

Connect your RATIONAL appliances easily with the latest network solution for professional kitchens. With ConnectedCooking you always have everything under control: Simple appliance management, remote access function via smart phone, automatic HACCP documentation or you can download recipes from the RATIONAL library conveniently onto your devices. Find out more at .

ClimaPlus Control®.

Sensors measure humidity inside the cooking cabinet precisely and adjust it to the exact percentage, depending on settings. If necessary, the system will extract excess moisture or use the steam generator to supply additional moisture.

Door drip pan.

The integrated, self-draining door drip pan benefits work safety and hygiene, by ensuring that no water drips onto the floor.

Cooking cabinet seal.

The new plug-in door seal has a far longer service life than the previous model. It can withstand temperatures even as high as 300°C. Replacing the seal requires no tools and can be done without the aid of a technician.

Internationally tested.

Always the right RATIONAL.

You can choose from among the numerous options we offer to help adapt your unit to your individual kitchen circumstances.

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