Popular RATIONAL Terms.

One-day workshops for owners of a SelfCookingCenter® to deepen their knowledge on using the appliance.

Automatic cleaning, care and descaling system. Recognises the use of the appliance and shows the optimal quantity of tablets on the display.

ConnectedCooking is the latest network solution for professional kitchens. Whether you use one or more RATIONAL units, ConnectedCooking offers your customers completely new and convenient application options.

Combination of 2 appliances that are stacked on top of each other to increase production capacity and flexibility on minimal space.

iLevelControl controls and monitors the cooking times on every rack. With mixed loads, it actively shows which products can be cooked together and which products are ready when.

Flexible production especially for large events. Pre-cooked food is prepared cold on plates or in containers and finished in a combi-steamer shortly before service in a matter of minutes.

Front cooking involves the chef cooking food outside the kitchen directly in front of guests. Today, front cooking can be found in all areas from fast-food restaurants to catering services.

International container system used in the food-processing industry. The use of standardized containers allows food to be exchanged easily between hot food counters, cooking appliances and refrigerators.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points): Systematic approach to food hygiene from raw food to food service. To ensure a systematic approach to food hygiene, all critical points must be continuously monitored and documented.

HiDensityControl® automatically controls the uniform and intensive distribution of heat, air and humidity in the cooking cabinet.

The core temperature is the coldest temperature range which can be measured inside the food to be cooked. The core temperature is measured inside the food using a temperature sensor, the core temperature probe. It is a measurable to check the state of cooking and to determine when a cooking process is complete.

MyDisplay can be used by operators to customise the appliance's user interface (e.g. with own photos) according to their own needs and wishes. Functions which are not required can be hidden on the screen to avoid errors.

Interactive product presentation of the manufacturer RATIONAL.

The SelfCookingCenter® is a multi-functional cooking appliance for the automatic preparation of meat, fish, poultry, egg dishes, side dishes, bakery products and for Finishing®. In the combi-steamer mode, food can be cooked manually in the convection air, steam and combi-steam modes. Over 80 % of all dishes can be prepared in the SelfCookingCenter®.

Intelligent system for the fully automatic cooking of food. It recognises the size of food to be cooked and the load quantity and allows the fully automatic control of the cooking procedure.

Food is cooked to perfection in vacuum-sealed bags in the sous-vide cooking process.

Special cooking program at low temperatures. You can even use the night as additional production thanks to the subsequent rest/hold phase. Products are cooked especially gently which reduces weight loss and retains food quality.

Extractor hood from RATIONAL with condensation technology. It is used when a standard extractor cannot be used or is too expensive. UltraVent Plus features an additional special smoke filter technology to eliminate the smoke produced when grilling or frying food.

The VarioCookingCenter® is a multi-functional appliance used in the gastronomy and catering industry. The patent heating technology is up to 50 % faster and requires up to 30 % less energy than the standard tilting fryer and boiler. This intelligent technology allows food (e.g. pasta, vegetables, chips etc.) to be cooked automatically without any monitoring. Please note that the VarioCookingCenter® is only available via FRIMA.