With the VarioCookingCenter®

The VarioCookingCenter®

From deep-frying to confit. Without any compromises.

Use the VarioCookingCenter® to blanch, deep fry or confit effortlessly and in no time.

Thanks to the powerful heating system VarioBoost®, the oil is heated in record time and you can start deep frying immediately. The temperature is regulated so sensitively and precisely, that even meat, fish or vegetables can be prepared using the confit method.

More flexibility.

Thanks to VarioBoost®

Faster service without the rush in the kitchen. The flexibility of the VarioCookingCenter® will become apparent here: the rice pudding has just boiled, a quick clean, and then get on with the chips.

VarioBoost®, the powerful heating system, ensures that you can start deep-frying immediately.


Precision landing with no supervision.

AutoLift, the standard in-built raising and lowering mechanism relieves you of time-consuming monitoring tasks and ensures perfect results.

The built-in cooking intelligence will monitor the cooking process and automatically drain the food at the right time. The fish and meat are tender and succulently preserved using the confit method, while chips are deep fried golden brown and crispy.