With the VarioCookingCenter®

The VarioCookingCenter®

Searing in record time.

You can prepare succulent juicy meat and perfectly cooked fish with the VarioCookingCenter® in no time.

Thanks to the powerful heating system VarioBoost®, you can fry double the quantity of meat in the same time and to a better quality than with conventional tilting fryers, pans or griddles.

From 0°C to 200 °C in only 2.5 minutes.

The VarioBoost® heating system.

The VarioCookingCenter® will show all its power when making 500 portions of turkey curry in 34 minutes:

In just a few seconds, the full heating power is available and you can get started right away. Thanks to the VarioBoost® heating system, the meat stays juicy and you have up to 10% less use of raw materials.

Best cooking results.

Thanks to VarioCookingControl®.

The VarioCookingCenter® will take on all the time-consuming routine tasks, such as constant monitoring of the food. The built-in cooking intelligence VarioCookingControl® will call you when it is the ideal time to turn your steak.

Regardless of how much you are frying or how big the piece is, your cooking result is always perfect.