Pressure cooking.

With the VarioCookingCenter®

The VarioCookingCenter®

Creates additional production times with pressure cooking.

When you need to work even faster during peak times, you can reduce cooking times for your casseroles, braised dishes, soups, stocks and stews by another 30 percent using the pressure cooking option.

The even pressure level in the VarioCookingCenter® ensures that the cell structure of the food is preserved and as such guarantees optimal food quality.

More valuable time.

Reduce cooking times thanks to pressure cooking.

Whether it is ragouts, braised dishes, soups, stocks or stews, use the pressure cooking process in the VarioCookingCenter® to reduce the cooking time by up to 30 percent.

In just 115 minutes, you can have 240 portions of goulash and the appliance already cleaned.

Simple and guaranteed to be tasty.

Thanks to intelligent regulation.

VarioCookingControl®, the built-in cooking intelligence, regulates the pressure build-up and reduction times during the cooking process.

The controlled pressure curve guarantees you an even level of pressure and therefore optimal food quality.