Finishing® for buffets.
Top quality foods regardless of volumes.

Finishing® is always ideal if you want to offer food variety in large quantities and with top quality.

Until now, food needed to be kept hot resulting in quality losses, which Finishing® puts a stop to completely. With skillful procurement and by menu design, you can significantly reduce your cost of goods, as the pre-produced foods can also be stored for several days in the cool room - and for even longer periods when vacuum-packed.

Overview of advantages:
  • No over-production
  • Excellent food quality
  • Planning reliability for service
  • Significant cost advantages through procurement-optimised production
  • 100 % HACCP safety

Fresh on the table.
Perfectly finished with Finishing®.

The foods pre-produced in the SelfCookingCenter® are prepared in containers for Finishing®. When you require the foods, you can finish them as needed for service. Foods are quickly prepared with Finishing® which ensures consistently hot food on the counter.

Every Finishing® is different. Fully automatically, Finishing® will adjust to the requirements of the relevant food, but the quality remains at the highest level at all times. With Finishing® you prepare only precisely the quantities that you need for service. This cuts costs of over-production completely.


100% hygiene safety.

With the SelfCookingCenter®, you will be able to prove the hygiene levels of your food at all times. HACCP data is automatically stored for up to 10 days, and can be called up at any time at the push of a button.

"We just need to push a button and we always get the same result. We can only achieve this cooking perfection with RATIONAL."

Nicolas Tsimidakis

Nicolas Tsimidakis

Executive chef

Majestic Hotel Tower / Dubai, United Arab Emirates



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