Overnight cooking.
With the SelfCookingCenter®.

Turn the night into day.
All ready in the morning.

Imagine arriving in the kitchen in the morning and your roasts or braised dishes are ready. RATIONAL overnight cooking makes this possible. You can simply use the SelfCookingCenter® around the clock and not only gain more capacity, but also raise food quality and gain time.

The quality of the meat cooked overnight is unique compared to traditional cooking methods. The meat becomes particularly tender and juicy right from the first to the last rack. The gentle cooking process reduces shrinkage and cuts losses to a minimum.

Perfect meat, with no effort.
No monitoring or checking required.

You simply specify how you want your roasts, braised dishes or boiling meat, done. Now your SelfCookingCenter® will do the rest and make sure that your meat turns out exactly how you want it, without any monitoring or checking required. The SelfCookingCenter® recognises the size of the meat pieces and the load size and applies the necessary settings by itself. You will always know what is happening in the cooking cabinet as the SelfCookingCenter® will always show you what it is doing.

Other possibilities with overnight cooking:

"With the RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter®, we can have a larger and more varied range of food than we would otherwise have."

Joen Sjödell

Joen Sjödell

Executive Chef

ICA Kvantum Emporia / Malmö, Sweden



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