Healthy quality.
That makes complete economic sense.

Healthy, delicious and high-quality food for children and young people is a hot topic in many educational establishments. Demanding parents, increasingly stringent rules and regulations as well as low budgets are challenges that must be overcome daily. In addition, there may be a lack of staff with kitchen experience.

But there are solutions that work in practice - whether for 30, 150 or more meals. With the RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® it is very easy.

Benefits for you at a glance:
  • Healthy and delicious diversity at the push of a button
  • Best cooking results every time
  • Healthy food preparation using up to 95% less grease
  • Easy to operate, even for untrained staff
  • No additional expenses related to descaling or water softening
  • Minimal operating and capital costs

Your solution:
The SelfCookingCenter®.

You’ll be able to prepare delicious and diverse food at the push of a button, even for untrained staff. You will also benefit in terms of cost of goods, working time, power and water consumption. You can offer healthy, child-friendly dishes that are very tasty, at an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

Our motivation was and remains to make your work as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve equipped our new SelfCookingCenter® with four intelligent functions, making it into an assistant that stands for quality, ease of use and efficiency.

See for yourself

See for yourself

  • iCookingControl®.
    Simplicity through cooking intelligence.
  • HiDensityControl®.
    Precision means top quality.
  • iLevelControl.
    Intelligent mixed loading.
  • Efficient CareControl.
    Intelligent automatic cleaning.

Customised operation according to your needs.

We all make errors. But very rarely with "MyDisplay". We have developed this function to reduce errors to a minimum when operating the SelfCookingCenter®. The principle is straightforward:

Using "MyDisplay" you can limit the range of appliance functions and options to specific processes and users. Only information that is relevant for your staff or the particular time of day will be displayed on the screen.

Easy handling on the display of the steamer

User error? Not a chance!

"RATIONAL ensures the food safety and dietary aspect for our school children, more nutritious over deep frying and with higher efficiency and consistency across the campuses."

Kelvin Koh

Kelvin Koh

Chief Executive Officer

Singapore International School of Bangkok / Bangkok, Thailand

Automatic HACCP documentation.
Optimum hygiene safety.

In terms of hygiene, you can rest assured with the SelfCookingCenter®. The precise measurement and regulation of all cooking parameters means that every product is always cooked perfectly hygienically. You can provide full associated proof at any time:

All HACCP-relevant data – from cooking to hygienically perfect self-cleaning of the cooking cabinet by Efficient CareControl – is automatically recorded and saved for ten days in the SelfCookingCenter®. This data is available at the push of a button. It can also be archived via USB at any time. So, without additional effort or expense, you can have full security in the documentation of all relevant HACCP data.

Seamless data storage of HACCP data

Seamless data storage

Cook with us!
Discover the new SelfCookingCenter® now.

Convince yourself with a free participation in your area.


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