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An additional profit to your business.
Freshly baked goods, snacks and hot meals.

Our lifestyle habits are changing. In recent years, this has resulted in a booming food service and catering industry. The trend is toward healthy, delicious food that customers can eat comfortably on the go in order to save time. By offering a wide variety of foods ranging from attractive snacks, a tasty lunch option, hot meals and delicious baked goods, you can secure additional business and leverage your supermarket from the competition.

The challenge is to produce an attractive selection of snacks and warm meals with untrained staff at consistently high-quality standards – with limited space available and at a low investment cost.

The solution: the new SelfCookingCenter®—a multifunctional cooking system that lets you prepare a variety of baked goods, snacks, and hot dishes quickly, easily, flexibly, and cost-effectively.

One idea changes the world.

We have dedicated over 40 years to achieving one goal: To offer you the best cooking tool. A tool with which you can realise your ideas and with which your food always turns out the way you want it. One that relieves you of routine chores and stress. And which earns you more money at the end of the day.

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