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The SelfCookingCenter®
The ideal cooking system for your butchery.

In the past, numerous special appliances such as convection ovens, rotisseries, baking appliances, pots, pans, microwaves, steamers, deep-fat fryers or grills were needed in order to offer an attractive range of food with much effort. Now it is just a single appliance, the SelfCookingCenter®.

You can grill, roast, bake, steam, stew, blanch or poach food, all within a space of less than approx. 1 m² . It is ideal for preparing pastries, baked goods, roasted chickens, pan-fried products and grilled food as well as all types of side and egg dishes.

Benefits to you at a glance:
  • Fill the hot food counter in record time
  • Unsupervised overnight cooking
  • Fast takeaway
  • Delicious roast chicken
  • Fresh for the lunchtime menu
  • Baking like a professional

Hot food counter:
Fill in just 60 minutes.

Prepare an extensive range of hot food for the food counter in just one hour with the SelfCookingCenter®. This is made possible by iLevelControl, which cooks a maximum amount of different foods at the same time. These include breaded meats, deep-fried products, meat patties, grilled vegetables, pizzas and other pastries.

Cook & Chill, Cook & Hold or Cook & Serve with the Rational SelfCookingCenter

Extensive and attractive options.

Unsupervised overnight cooking.
Turn the night into day.

Even overnight cooking saves time, as production takes place during the night without any intervention on your part.

a wide variety of roasted meats such as chicken, pork or beef can be roasted overnight, where they cook very gently and are tender and succulent the next morning. Remove the meat from the oven in the morning and then crisp the crackling on the roasts. Just 15 minutes later, the SelfCookingCenter® is ready for use again.

Delicious roast chicken
The ultimate taste and power combination.

Golden brown, crispy, tender and succulent - grilled chicken cooked to perfection. The SelfCookingCenter® not only guarantees this quality, it can produce larger quantities in faster turnover times.

Compared to a standard rotisserie, you need less than half the time. The chickens lose less weight and retain their succulence. That saves you up to 17% on raw materials – and improves the taste and quality of your food, something that cannot be expressed in percentages.

Depending on the appliance size, up to 96 grilled chickens can be cooked in a single SelfCookingCenter® in just 35 minutes.

Full load of roast chickens in the SelfCookingCenter

96 roast chickens in only 35 minutes

Fast takeaway
Advantages to take away.

Easily prepare a wide variety of takeaway food in one single appliance with the SelfCookingCenter®. This saves on space which you can use more profitably to present your wide range of healthy and diverse food.

All trays in the SelfCookingCenter® can be used at the same time to produce a variety of foods such as pizza, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, burgers, fries or wedges.

Bake like a professional.
Mastered quality in no time.

In the SelfCookingCenter® , all types of sweet and savoury bakes can be prepared rack after rack, piece after piece in master baker quality. Thanks to the easy operation, the results will always be top class. Simply select "Bake", load the SelfCookingCenter® and soon delight in the delicious baking smells of freshly baked produce. Up to 400 bread rolls can be produced in just ten minutes.

Baking with a steamer

Extend your range

"Overnight roasting is great in the RATIONAL, the joints are perfect everytime. In fact, shrinkage has been reduced by more than 10%."

Alan Dye

Alan Dye


Scotts of Carshalton / Carshalton, UK

Profitable extra business.
Snacks and hot meals.

Our lifestyle habits are changing. In recent years, this has resulted in a booming takeaway market. The trend is toward healthy, delicious food that customers can eat comfortably on the go in order to save time. By offering a wide variety of foods ranging from attractive snacks, a tasty lunch option, hot meals and delicious baked goods, you can secure additional business and leverage your supermarket from the competition.

The challenge is to produce an attractive selection of snacks and hot meals with untrained staff at consistently high-quality standards, with limited space available and at a low investment cost.

Benefits to you at a glance:
  • Outstanding food quality at all times
  • Easy to operate even for untrained staff
  • Efficient food production even with large quantities
  • Wide spectrum of applications in one appliance
  • Significantly lower capital and operating costs

"RATIONAL’s multi-functional equipment gave us the flexibility we needed and was perfect for the limited space in our gallery kitchen."

Alan Dye

Alan Dye


Scotts of Carshalton / Carshalton, England

Our customers.
Success stories from butcheries.

  • Scotts of Carshalton - Carshalton, Surrey, England
  • Metzgerei Moser - Landsberg am Lech, Germany


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