Casual dining.

The SelfCookingCenter®
The ideal cooking system for your casual dining concept.

On less than approx. 1 m² of space, it can grill, roast, bake, steam, stew, blanch or poach - even without any cooking experience or special application knowledge. It is perfect for preparing meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, egg dishes, baked goods or desserts. At the push of a button, it will independently prepare all these foods in large or small quantities.

Your applications:
  • Central production. Serve at several locations.
  • Efficient mixed loads
  • Easy, standardized production of food
  • Unsupervised overnight cooking
  • À la carte with Finishing

Central production.
Serve at several locations.

Finishing® also works very well in centralised production and decentralised output at different locations.

The food is supplied to different locations chilled and only shortly before service will Finishing® complete the dishes perfectly in the SelfCookingCenter®. Without any loss of quality and easily controllable even by temporary staff.


Decentralised service

Efficient mixed loads.
Everything at once, and always on time.

"Rush hour" in a fast-food restaurant - a major challenge which you can manage more confidently than ever with iLevelControl. On a footprint of just 1 m², you have a multifunctional roasting and grilling station that will quite simply make the majority of your grilling or frying pans obsolete. Not fitted next to each other, but on top of each other to save space. so you can prepare different dishes simultaneously in a single appliance.

Your menu of burgers, chicken wings, chips or potato wedges can be ready to serve within a matter of minutes. You can conjure up fresh and excellent tasting food in no time - which your customers will learn to appreciate.


Clever mixed loads

Easy, standardized production of food
Select the results you want. Load. Done.

It has never been easier to produce the quality of food you are looking for. Whether it's fish, meat, poultry, baked goods, egg dishes or desserts - everything is cooked in the SelfCookingCenter® exactly how you want it.

And operating it is extremely easy. You determine your own desired result, such as the browning and juiciness of the product, and iCookingControl does the rest®. It doesn't matter who is using the appliance. From untrained staff to temporary personnel - your customers are always served the quality of food they expect.


Load. Done!

Unsupervised overnight cooking.
Turn the night into day.

Imagine arriving in the kitchen in the morning and the roasts are already ready. No problem with the SelfCookingCenter®.

You gain time and capacity with overnight cooking. Drastically reduce roast and cutting losses. All types of larger roasts will be of unbeatable quality. And the special slow cooking process means the meat becomes very tender and juicy - every single slice of it.

À-la-carte with Finishing®
Quality that comes quickly.

In casual dining catering, all dishes must reach the table quickly, with consistent quality and at a competitive price. Finishing® in the SelfCookingCenter® is the new solution for your business.

The dishes from your menu that have been prepared in advance are chilled and ready. Only when the order comes in is the food plated cold. The food is then given the Finishing® treatment in the SelfCookingCenter®. You can also prepare pan-fried foods, for example, à la minute and add the side dishes completed in Finishing®. The sauce and garnish are added prior to serving.

"The RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® does everything we want – it can roast, poach, bake, toast, braise... it can even pan-fry fish and cook chips. All at the touch of a button and all with consistent quality."

Sam Robinson

Sam Robinson

Head Chef

George & Dragon / Graveley, Hertfordshire, UK

Our customers.
Success stories in casual dining catering.

  • Nando's - International

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