Concepts for school catering services.
For 30, 150 or more meals.

The decisive factors for the acceptance of catering are quality and the price of a menu. With the SelfCookingCenter®, you only produce what is actually needed, so you can avoid overproduction. You can also achieve significant savings in your operating costs with the SelfCookingCenter®. Therefore you can always offer the very highest quality at a low price.

But there are three possible solutions that work in practice - whether for 30, 150 or more meals.

Your possibilities:
  • 1. Concept: 30 to 150 meals
  • 2. Concept: From 150 meals
  • 3. Concept: Central production, decentralised service point

Concept 1: 30 - 150 meals per day.
Finishing® in containers.

For up to 150 meals per day, a combination of frozen food and fresh products is the most efficient method of implementing a hot catering system. With Finishing® in the SelfCookingCenter®, the meals are brought to consumption temperature in a very short time and served directly without keeping them hot for long periods.

With this process unique on the market, prepared dishes are always completed optimally, in exactly the quantities that are required, and always exactly when they are needed. You can therefore achieve top quality every time without stress and hectic rush, and even with untrained staff.

It’s as easy as that:

  • Step 1: Creation of a menu plan
  • Step 2: Shopping
    Ready-made, cooled or frozen convenience products.
  • Step 3: Finishing®/Production
  • Step 4: Service

Production plan example:

Monday Pork and apple burger served in a brioche bun

Berry meringue served with fresh fruit coulis
Tuesday Homemade beef bolognaise served with spaghetti

Yogurt or fresh fruit
Wednesday Roast turkey served with sage & onion stuffing, roast potatoes, freshly sliced carrots, shredded savoy cabbage

Chocolate coconut crunch
Thursday Chicken korma served with naan bread

Fruit pots
Friday Oven baked fish fillet served with chips, garden peas and sweetcorn

Baked waffle with fruit compote

5 menus, 30-150 portions for children between 3-6 years.

Concept 2: from 150 meals per day.
Own food production.

For more than 150 meals per day it makes economic sense to produce your own meals, as with increasing numbers of meals you can purchase food considerably cheaper.
The SelfCookingCenter® also assures particularly efficient and varied food production. This unbelievable multifunctionality of the SelfCookingCenter® makes the purchase of many additional kitchen appliances unnecessary therefore reducing space requirements significantly. Regardless of whether you decide on preproduction of the components with subsequent cooling (Cook and Chill) or produce the meals directly for service (Cook and Serve), with the SelfCookingCenter® your meals are always served healthy and fresh.

And it really is as easy as that!

  • Step 1: Creation of a menu plan
  • Step 2: Production
  • Step 3: Cooling
  • Step 4: Finishing®
  • Step 5: Service

Production plan example:

Monday Homemade pizzas with- tuna & sweetcorn or cheese & tomato

Apple flapjack
Tuesday Pork meatballs, in a tomato sauce served with pasta

Fresh fruit
Wednesday Roast pork with mashed potatoes, freshly sliced carrots and broccoli

Vanilla shortbread finger served with apple slices
Thursday Tomato & basil pasta bake topped with mozzarella

Sticky honey & orange cake
Friday Omega 3 fish fingers with French fries and garden peas

Raspberry Royale

Production plan 5 menus, 30–150 portions for children between 3–6 years.

Concept 3: Central production. Decentralised service.
Modern Cook & Chill with Finishing®.

Finishing® also works very well in centralised production and decentralised output at different locations. Finishing® also works very well in centralised production and decentralised output at different locations.

The food is supplied to different locations chilled and only shortly before service will Finishing® complete the dishes perfectly in the SelfCookingCenter®. Without any loss of quality and easily controllable even by temporary staff.

Decentralised service

Decentralised service

"We cook everything in it now, we don’t use any other cooker. I don’t know how we managed before. It’s brilliant!"

Tracy Hindry

Tracy Hindry

School Cook

Aldborough School / Norfolk, UK

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