Fortis Memorial Research Institute. Gurgaon, India.

“RATIONAL is a great helping hand for our chefs in the kitchen. With the SelfCookingCenter® we save around 4 hours working time per day.” - Laveen Mirg, chef de partie

Hospital menu meets restaurant taste.

Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon is a state of the art hospital equipped with all the modern facilities and technologies. Their vision is to be a global leader in the integrated healthcare industry and the larger purpose of saving and enriching lives through clinical excellence. Therefore the hospital offers its patients not only with the best of treatments and cure but also with excellent catering service. Besides the wide variety of vegetarian delicacy, the Fortis Hospital Gurgaon is also well-known for its continental dishes.

“We have a wide choice of cuisines in our menu that keeps the patients healthy and stimulates the appetite of their taste buds. The mealtime at hospitals is something that should be celebrated. Patient should look forward to it. Therefore we focus especially on tasteful and healthy food at Fortis”, explains Laveen Mirg, Chef de Partie of Fortis Hospital.

The RATIONAL Solution.

“Our patients always appreciate about the taste of our dishes but also keeping in mind the hygiene standards and the wide option of dishes from our á la carte for the attendants”, says Laveen Mirg, Chef de Partie.

“In general our customers know us for outstanding quality and our standard recipes. This succeeds with our SelfCookingCenter®. All of our chefs can easily operate the unit and it helps them to deliver the product at the right time and with excellent outcome.”

“There are various benefits being observed from the very beginning by using RATIONAL. For example the time efficiency of the SelfCookingCenter® was surprising us: We save about 4 hours’ work time per day due to the faster and automating cooking process of the unit. In the kitchen we saved around 50% space as the SelfCookingCenter® is so flexible and replaces many of our traditional kitchen equipment”, reports Laveen Mirg.

  • Hygiene safety: Guaranteed hygiene standards courtesy to automatic cleaning process and HACCP records
  • Promotes healthy eating: Gentle cooking processes guarantees zero loss of valuable vitamins and minerals present in the food items
  • CareControl: Unit stays always hygienically clean due to automatically cleaning process
  • SelfCookingControl®: Standardised cooking results without any supervision required - just by one touch button! – just by the push of a button
  • Flexibility: Wide range of different dishes can be cooked together in just one unit
  • Energy efficiency: Reduced energy consumption up to 70% compared to traditional cooking equipment


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