Marco, Central Kitchen. Jakarta, Indonesia.

“RATIONAL is my sous-chef in the kitchen.” - Marco Lim, Executive Chef

Different from the ordinary.

Marco, a concept restaurant where Chef Marco Lim shares his culinary adventure of exploring old recipes of Padang Peranakan from every district of West Sumatra. His compilation of cuisine knowledge and original recipes from various parts of the region, along with skillful cooking techniques have created a mouthwatering fusion of Padang Peranakan cuisine.

Marco is unlike the regular padang restaurant in Indonesia. It serves à la carte dishes which ensures food’s freshness and hygiene. Every dish is served with passion. The unique mix of Chinese and Padang ingredients give the most authentic Minang taste. When dining in, one not only indulges in flavours past down from generations, but also enjoys the relaxing interior, which further spices up the experience.

The RATIONAL Solution.

“Marco is different from the ordinary Padang restaurant. It is the only Padang restaurant with à la carte concept, while the rest offer ready-to-eat style. Chef Marco is optimistic about this new gastronomy experience with increasing demands for serving fresh food over pre-cooked. “With RATIONAL, we are sure about our food freshness and consistency across the outlets”,says Chef Marco.

“Long cooking time was a challenge for us before using RATIONAL; most of our dishes on the menu involve slow cooking.We are extremely glad that we can cook 30% faster now”,says Chef Marco.

“It was a gamble when we decided to get RATIONAL since we are serving Indonesian food. After a few months of operating it, we got a hang of it. We use RATIONAL for frying, steaming, slow cooking, grilling and overnight roasting.The unit meets our expectation and saves us at least 50 % of oil consumption”, says Mr. Cien.

  • Efficiency:
    “Since more tasks are done in the unit, we have time for product development”, says Chef Marco.
  • Lower production cost:
    “We save at least 50% of the cooking oil”, says Chef Marco.
  • Consistency:
    “RATIONAL ensures consistent quality across all outlets”, says Chef Marco.
  • Food quality:
    “The product’s quality, crispiness, shape and colour are better and more consistent compared to the traditional way of cooking”, commented by one of the kitchen staff.


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