Petrol station.

The SelfCookingCenter®
The ideal cooking system for your petrol station.

The booming foodservice and takeaway industry and changing lifestyles herald a new extra business for petrol stations and rest areas. There is a trend for healthy and tasty snacks that can be eaten quickly and conveniently while standing up or as takeaways.

In the past, numerous special appliances like a grill, oven, stove, pots and pans were needed to prepare snacks and warm meals. The fast and easy preparation of a wide range of snacks and baked goods is possible today in one single appliance.

Your applications:
  • Baking diversity at the touch of a button.
  • Fresh baked goods - always
  • Delicious snacks
  • Fresh for the lunchtime menu
  • Extensive breakfast buffet

Baking diversity at the touch of a button.
Quality your customers will love.

Your SelfCookingCenter® is the only intelligent cooking system and features all important functions to ensure professional baking. It is ideal for preparing cakes, bread, bread rolls, pretzel products and sweet or savoury pastries. If you like, it can even factor in local special features for pretzel products or cheesecakes.

All you have to do is set your desired baking result - such as if your baked goods are to have light or dark browning, with or without crust, proved or unproven. Your SelfCookingCenter® senses and recognises the size, load quantity and condition of your products.

Performance examples:

  • 320 croissants in 23 minutes
  • 480 bread rolls in 18 minutes

Always fresh baked goods.
Produced with intelligent mixed loading.

With iLevelControl, you can prepare various baked goods at the same time and in the exact quantities that you need. Therefore, you always have a variety of freshly baked goods on display - casually and without stress.

So you can produce your products on demand in no time and also stay efficient, even with small quantities.

Clever mixed loads

Clever mixed loads

Delicious snacks.
Extend your range.

Profit from the diverse range of options available with the SelfCookingCenter® and prepare at the push of a button snacks such as crispy pizzas, succulent burgers, meat balls and breaded meats, fries or tender-crispy chicken nuggets. You don't even have to be a professional chef. Ensure a fast and flexible service and consistently high quality of food by expanding your range with the SelfCookingCenter ® .

Extensive breakfast buffet.
Pamper your customers around the clock.

Whoever wants to conjure up a diverse range of breakfast meals in no time needs a powerful appliance that can prepare different products in one go. Your SelfCookingCenter® will have a complete and extensive breakfast ready for you in just a single load. Simply start the preset breakfast shopping cart and sit back. After just a few minutes, your customers well be enjoying the aroma of fresh oven-baked bread, toast or croissants and the sight of crispy bacon, delicious sausages and scrambled or fried eggs.

All in one appliance

All in one appliance

"Our staff love working with the RATIONAL products. Everything functions automatically at the touch of just one button, without having to be checked."

Irina Razumovskaya

Irina Razumovskaya

Assistant Manager

AZS Gazpromneft / St. Petersburg, Russia

Our customers.
Success stories from petrol stations.

  • AZS Gazpromneft - St. Petersburg, Russia

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Experience the versatility of the SelfCookingCenter® in petrol stations.

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