The SelfCookingCenter®
The ideal cooking system for your hotel.

The SelfCookingCenter® can free up or replace a wide variety of special appliances, such as convection ovens, tilting pans, rotisseries, boilers, deep-fat fryers or steamers. You can grill, roast, bake, steam, stew, blanch or poach food, all within a space of less than approx. 1 m² . We will show you below how RATIONAL products can help you tackle your day-to-day kitchen operations.

Your applications:
  • Breakfast and brunch
  • Varied snacks and bar food
  • Room service without additional staff
  • Fine dining à la carte
  • Finishing® for banqueting and buffets

Breakfast and brunch.
Made easy.

Start surprising your customers with appetising variety right from the breakfast buffet. Oven-fresh bread rolls and croissants, crispy bacon, delicious sausages and scrambled eggs as if fresh out the pan - with iLevelControl you can prepare a wide variety of different baked goods and buffet products in rolling mixed loads. Simply use the preset breakfast shopping cart.

With our own specially developed RATIONAL accessory, production for the day can start without stress: Thanks to the Multibaker, you can cook 80 fried eggs in just 90 seconds.

Varied snacks and bar food.
Everything at once, and always on time.

With the SelfCookingCenter®, you can prepare an array of snacks and delicious bar food in a single appliance all at the same time. On a footprint of just 1 m², you have a multifunctional roasting and grilling station that will quite simply make the majority of your grilling or frying pans obsolete. Not fitted next to each other, but on top of each other to save space.

Diverse range of snacks

Diverse range of snacks

Room service without additional staff.
There for your customers around the clock.

Let your customers' day begin with an abundant breakfast in the room or let them enjoy lunch and dinner in a private setting. From snacks to four-course menus, you can serve dishes of your choice to rooms at any time.

The SelfCookingCenter® makes 24 hour room service possible, without requiring additional staff. Also use the benefits of Finishing® for your room service. The dishes from the room service menu which are already plated are chilled and on stand by. With Finishing® in the SelfCookingCenter®, the dishes are ready in just 8 minutes. So the guest receives a superior quality of food served on hot plates.

Ordered. Served!

Ordered. Served!

Fine dining à la carte.
Maximum quality with Finishing®

In à la carte service, the food has to get to the table quickly, and it must be of high quality and at a competitive price. Finishing® is precisely the right solution for this. Even more sophisticated dishes can be prepared just a few minutes after ordering, with equal amounts of love and efficiency, and to the letter.

Turn events into child's play.
Finishing® for banqueting and buffets.

Whether it is for plate service or a buffet: With Finishing® in the SelfCookingCenter®, the dishes will always get to the table in the best possible quality and at a low cost.

The food can be prepared without any rush in advance. Chilling the food quickly will preserve its quality for as long as several days. For the plate service, plate the plates cold in accordance with the anticipated number of guests and store them chilled in the special mobile plate racks. Just before the food is needed, 20 or several thousands of plates can be prepared for service at the same time with Finishing® - without stress and additional staff.

Buffets also become very easy. The pre-produced dishes plated cold in containers can simply be finished with Finishing® in the SelfCookingCenter®.

Our customers.
Success stories in the hotel industry.

  • Hilton - Birmingham, England
  • Banyan Tree Macau - Galaxy Macau, China

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Experience the versatility of the SelfCookingCenter® in the hotel industry.

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