With the SelfCookingCenter®.

The SelfCookingCenter®.
A professional baking system.

In addition to cooking, the SelfCookingCenter® is also perfect for baking.

You specify how you want your baked goods. Such as if your baked goods are to have light or dark browning, with or without crust, proved or unproven. You control all of that and your SelfCookingCenter® will implement your specifications perfectly.

40 years of RATIONAL baking research.
The result you want - in the simplest way.

It works so well because the experience gained from 40 years of RATIONAL baking research has been put into this baking system. It uses this experience and always achieves your desired result very quickly and reliably. If you are satisfied with the result, you can always use those settings again simply at the touch of a button.

This means you will always get the same good results - irrespective of who is baking, regardless of load size, or if smaller or larger baked goods are baked the next time. Your baking system recognises all of that by itself and adjusts the settings so that you will always get the result you want.

Other possibilities with the baking application:

"This is what efficiency means to me: 72 cupcakes in only 20 minutes cooked the way I wanted it – next to 30% lower energy consumption. What should I say, I just love it."

Nadia Suryakanth

Nadia Suryakanth


The CUPnCAKE Factory / Gurgaon, India



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