Baking versatility.
For fresh baked goods -always.

With iLevelControl, you always make optimum use of your SelfCookingCenter®. Because iLevelControl makes sure you can prepare different baked goods on a rolling basis in just a single cooking cabinet.

iLevelControl monitors each rack individually to the second. It adjusts the baking times to the load quantity and the number and duration of door openings, and makes sure that the quality is always consistently high.

The SelfCookingCenter® will automatically indicate when the baked goods are ready and with the rack signalling, this is even supported by lighting whereby a rack will blink when it can be loaded or unloaded.

Overview of advantages:
  • Significant time savings, always fresh baked goods
  • No checking required
  • Consistently high baking quality
  • Easy to handle

To be enjoyed with all your senses.
Efficiency, even with small quantities.

With the SelfCookingCenter®, you can produce your products on demand in no time and also stay efficient, even with small quantities.

That is the freshness you and your customers see, smell and taste.

A guided path to your personal desired result.

1. Your selection window will show the baked goods you want.
You can see which baked goods go together or not (greyed) at a glance.

2. Shows you what foods are baked on which rack.

3. Each rack is monitored; the remaining baking time is displayed.

4. The baking time is adjusted according to load quantity and the duration of door openings.

5. The appliance notifies you as soon as a product is ready.

Display: A guided path to your personal desired result.

"With its ease of use, ability to maintain consistent cooking quality, and fast preparations, RATIONAL is our biggest helper for bakery goods!"

Gürol Gülümser

Gürol Gülümser

Bakery Category Manager

Tesco Kipa Kitle Pazarlama / Izmir, Turecko



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