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Whether for thirty or several thousand meals, you'll always get the right SelfCookingCenter® – now also available in a smaller size as the SelfCookingCenter® XS. There is space for it in every kitchen, and its clever installation solutions also make it suitable for front of the house cooking areas and as a station unit. The SelfCookingCenter® XS 6 ⅔ is only available in the electric version. All other models are also available as gas versions.

The dimensions, features, and performance are identical for both variants. There are also numerous special versions available, with which we tailor your appliance to the requirements of your kitchen.

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Left-hinged door.

The unit can be ordered with the door hinges on the left rather than the right in order to make the unit easier to access in certain kitchen situations.


Simply placing two RATIONAL units on top of one another opens up a whole new range of possibilities, especially in kitchens where space is at a premium.

RATIONAL remote function.

When your SelfCookingCenter® is connected to a network, you can control and monitor it easily from your iPhone and iPad. You can keep an eye on everything and you are always well-informed of what is happening.



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