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LED lighting.

The completely new LED lighting provides optimal illumination of the cooking cabinet and of every single tray, from top to bottom and from front to back. The light neutrally reflects the browning of the products. It saves on energy, is durable, and low maintenance.

Combi steamer with LED

LED lighting

Triple-pane glass door.

The triple-pane glass door with cutting edge heat reflection coating ensures minimum heat loss. You save up to an additional 10% in energy costs as a result compared to the previous model. Since all of the panels can be cleaned, visibility remains good year after year.

Integrated hand shower with automatic retraction system.

Infinitely-variable jet strength and ergonomic handling make it even easier to do a rough clean, deglaze, or add water to a dish. The integral automatic retraction and water shut-off system offers optimum safety and hygiene conforming to EN 1717 and SVGW standards (Swiss Association for the Gas and Water Industry).

Control panel.

The control panel is not above the unit, but placed on the left next to the door for ergonomic and technical reasons. This reduces the risk of injury from escaping steam during operation. At the same time, the electronics are protected from long-term damage caused by escaping steam.

575°F (300°C) maximum cooking cabinet temperature.

The extremely robust construction supports temperatures of up to 575°F (300°C) in the cooking cabinet, even in constant operation. Special cooking methods, such as grilling or searing, is no problem, even with large quantities of food.

Dynamic air mixing.

The heat is always optimally distributed thanks to the specific cooking cabinet geometry and the powerful wheel fan drive, which intelligently adjusts the rotation direction and speed to the relevant food product. This ensures excellent food quality, even with full loads. An integrated fan impeller brake reacts promptly and quickly stops the wheel fan when the door is opened. This provides added safety.


Dynamic air mixing

Energy consumption display.

You will always know how much energy an individual cooking process requires and how much energy per day has been consumed. The data is visible on the display and can also be downloaded.

RATIONAL USB data storage.

The integrated USB port allows users to download HACCP and service data or transfer cooking programmes onto a USB drive, so you can update your software easily.

Centrifugal grease separator system.

There is no need to change or clean grease filters and the cooking cabinet air stays clean. Plus, there is no flavor transfer.

Intelligent 6-point probe.

Even if the core temperature probe is not inserted correctly, the probe can still reliably identify the coldest point in the food, ensuring that all products are always cooked perfectly.

Fresh steam generator.

The fresh steam generator is indispensable if you want to achieve superior food quality when steaming. The 100% hygienic fresh steam guarantees maximum steam saturation, even at low temperatures, such as when poaching. The steam generator is automatically descaled during the cleaning process. This makes expensive water softening measures unnecessary.


Fresh steam generator

ClimaPlus Control®.

The humidity is precisely measured using sensors in the cooking cabinet and is regulated to one percent accuracy in accordance with specifications. Where required, the system extracts excess humidity or adds extra humidity using the steam generator. Even with larger load sizes, you will get crispy crusts, crunchy breading, classic grill patterns, and juicy roasts.


ClimaPlus Control®

Internationally tested.

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You can choose from among the numerous options we offer to help adapt your unit to your individual kitchen circumstances.

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