Versions & options.
Flexible options for small formats.

The new SelfCookingCenter® XS fits in any kitchen, and sophisticated installation options make it equally suited to front cooking areas or as an individual station appliance in a restaurant. The SelfCookingCenter® XS 6 ⅔ is only available in the electric version.

There are also numerous special versions available, with which we tailor your appliance to the requirements of your kitchen.

SelfCookingCenter® XS Model 6 ⅔ Electro and 61 Electro.

XS Typ 6 ⅔ 6 x 2/3 GN
XS Typ 61 6 x 1/1 GN
Number of meals per day
XS Typ 6 ⅔ 20–80
XS Typ 61 30–100
Lengthwise loading
XS Typ 6 ⅔ 1/2, 2/3, 1/3, 1/4 GN
XS Typ 61 1/1, 1/2, 2/3, 1/3, 1/4 GN
XS Typ 6 ⅔ 25 3/4" (655 mm)
XS Typ 61 33 1/4" (847 mm)
XS Typ 6 ⅔ 21 7/8" (555 mm)
XS Typ 61 30 1/2" (776 mm)
XS Typ 6 ⅔ 22 3/8" (567 mm)
XS Typ 61 30 3/4" (782 mm)
Water inlet
XS Typ 6 ⅔ NPS 3/4"
XS Typ 61 NPS 3/4"
Water outlet
XS Typ 6 ⅔ 1 1/2" OD (38 mm)
XS Typ 61 2" OD (50 mm)
Water pressure
XS Typ 6 ⅔ 21-87 psi (1.5-6 bar)
XS Typ 61 21-87 psi (1.5-6 bar)
XS Typ 6 ⅔ 159 lb (72 kg)
XS Typ 61 243 lb (110 kg)
Connected load
XS Typ 6 ⅔ 5.7 kW
XS Typ 61 11.1 kW
XS Typ 6 ⅔ 2 x 30 A; 3 x 20 A
XS Typ 61 35 A/40 A
Mains connection
XS Typ 6 ⅔ 2 AC 208 V/240 V; 3 AC 208 V/240 V
XS Typ 61 3 AC 208 V/3 AC 240 V
Convection mode output
XS Typ 6 ⅔ 5.4 kW
XS Typ 61 10.6 kW
Steam mode output
XS Typ 6 ⅔ 5.4 kW
XS Typ 61 9 kW


RATIONAL integration kit.

Visual effects and images are vital especially in front-cooking. The extremely flexible and easy-to-integrate integration kit includes the statutory UltraVent XS condensation hood which absorbs and dissipates steam. The panel set also included on delivery prevents the build up of dirt at spots which are difficult to reach. It also meets the stringent hygiene standards and delivers a professional and harmonised look in your kitchen.

Wall mounting bracket.

The wall mounting bracket is ideal when using the SelfCookingCenter® XS as a station unit. We recommend using the mount any time storage surface area is at a premium. Perfect for mounting the unit directly on the wall easily and securely.


Combi-Duo combinations allow you to place one unit atop another, giving you twice the cooking capacity within the same amount of space. You can also adjust the lower unit quickly and conveniently using the upper display controls. Combi-Duos let you use two different cooking processes at the same time, e.g., steaming and grilling simultaneously.

UltraVent® XS.

UltraVent® hood technology helps trap escaping steam and divert it away. Complicated and expensive ventilation system installations are unnecessary. There is no need for a connection to the outside. All this plus low noise omissions make the hoods perfect for use in open front cooking areas.

Start putting together your own SelfCookingCenter® XS.

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